With the fall weather comes the opportunity to make upgrades in your closet. Whether you need warmer clothes or you simply want to update your outfits, here are a few minor things you can add to your closet that will make a difference in your fall fashion. I love filling up my fall wardrobe; full of cosy knitwear and Autumnal colours.

Great shoes

With summer behind us, it’s time to retire our sandals and open-toed shoes to the closet. What should we use in their place? It’s up to you and your comfort and style, but boots are always a good addition to a fall closet. Another option to include in your fall wardrobe for days when you want maximum comfort are sustainable sneakers. They’re both comfy to walk in and great for the planet.

A blazer

A great blazer that can be paired with various outfits is the perfect item to have for the fall. It’s easy to style, provides enough warmth for the cooler days, and gives off a classy look. However you wear it, a blazer should be found in every man and woman’s closet for this season.

A blazer is versatile. It can work with a more formal look or be used with jeans for a more casual outfit. Depending on the type of autumn your location experiences, your blazer can be designed with light material that keeps you warm but, at the same time, allows for breathability. If you live in a cold environment that sees chilly temperatures in the late autumn, consider a thicker blazer.


When the days start getting cooler, so too does your need to stay warm. While you may not need to wear a heavy coat, it can be helpful to pair scarves with a light jacket. Scarves can be a fun accessory to use, with some scarves making your outfit look fancier, while others are designed for casual wear.

Whatever your preference, when you start seeing the temperatures drop, consider investing in a variety of scarves to get you through both the fall and winter seasons.


The thing about turtlenecks is that they keep you warm. They can also look pretty good. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to pair with other clothing and can help you look put together, don’t hesitate to buy a stylish turtleneck or two to get you through the season. Rich fall colors like burgundy or burnt orange are great colors to choose for trendy turtlenecks that will have you looking good, no matter the occasion.

Favorite jeans

As temperatures drop, you’ll need to start putting away the shorts and summer dresses. Instead, you’ll want to start wearing pants and jeans. Everyone knows that while you can have several jeans in your closet, there is always a need for that favorite pair.

If you don’t have that pair yet, consider investing in some today. A great pair of jeans can look amazing with almost anything you pair them with, whether you want to dress up or down. Whether you get a pair of Levi’s or Madewell’s, there are plenty of brands that offer long-lasting durability, which is something you want to look for when it comes to investing in sustainable clothing.

We love a good fall outfit. With the colder temperatures that come our way in the autumn, it’s time for the three-piece outfit to shine. Pants, blazers, and a warm top can be the perfect look for the season and, if it’s cold enough, boots and accessories like hats and scarves can have you looking as stylish as a celebrity. What’s your go-to fall outfit you love? Do you like filling up your fall wardrobe like me?

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  • lynn neal
    Tuesday, October 19, 2021

    I love to get a new pair of jeans and chelsea boots for the Autumn!