Have you ever wished you could have everything you need to help you take the perfect food photos, in one bag? Well, look no further than The Instagram Bag! The concept is brilliant; you get a stylish bag full of accessories to help you get the best photos for your Instagram.

The Paper Bag Co came up with this fantastic idea, I just love The Instagram Bag. It is perfect, for people like me, who love taking photos of everything and anything. Get professional looking photos of your breakfast, lunch and dinner, or any kind of product. If you are a new business and need to get stylish photos of your products, as long as they are smaller than A3, this kit is just what you need to get started.

The Instagram Bag

What’s in the bag?

You get the stylish 12oz bag, it’s a great size and will fit in the objects and camera equipment. It has a mesh divider to help separate the contents of the bag and an internal pocket with zip closure. You also get these fabulous accessories to help you take the best photos: a pop-up reflector that helps you reflect the natural light onto your objects, 4 photographic backdrops that are A3 size and some postcards with amazing photography tips.

My favourite photography tips

The handy tips on the back of the postcards are really useful; I chose a few to share with my readers as they are a good taster on what is in the bag.

Manipulate your light – use a filter to reduce bright light and use a reflector to fill in dark areas created by darker objects. There is a reflector in the kit, you could also use a sheet of tin foil! Try it next time you are taking a photo of a product. You can see the difference in the photos below, the first is without and there is more of a shaded area behind the flower.


Odd numbers work – taking photos of items in sets of odd numbers looks more visually appealing than even. Try it: take a photo of 3 things together, then add a 4th. See how much nicer it is with 3? It’s all about how the eye finds an anchor point, making it easier to focus on the products. There are exceptions to this rule, but on the whole 1 or 3 is better than 2 or 4.

In the background – Collect a range of background materials that you can use to make your photography a little more interesting. I always buy patterned PVC tablecloths so that I can mix up the backgrounds in my photos. You can use anything from tea towels to sheets of newspaper. It is best to use plain backgrounds, so it doesn’t draw your attention away from the product of focus. Try the different backgrounds in The Instagram Bag and work out which backgrounds look best with different products, in different lights.

The Instagram Bag is only £39.95, this includes VAT and postage, from the Paper Bag Co. It is an absolutely brilliant price to get you started. My foodie photos look so much nicer, more stylish and professional. The Paper Bag Co are committed to using sustainable products too; this made me a very happy customer.

If you like the idea of The Instagram Bag, then check out The Selfie Bag from The Cotton Bag Co. For £27.95 you get a stylish bag, Bluetooth selfie tripod stick, pop up reflector and a LED ring light. Oh, and a great booklet giving you tips on how to use the equipment. The selfie bag is made out of the same robust and eco-friendly material that is used to make Cotton Bag Co’s canvas bags, the material is naturally great for printing which is why it was selected.

What do you think of these fun bags, I think they make for perfect gifts for photography lovers and also if you have just started up a new business; photography can be everything in the day and age of online purchasing. I would love to know what you think in the comments below…

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Last Update: Wednesday, 21st July 2021