14 Weeks

At 14 weeks, Isla is still not sleeping all night, there is no pattern to her sleeping at all really. One night she sleeps until 1am, another it will be a 3am wake up call and some nights just a 6am – on occasion its 1am, 3am and 6am: I really don’t like those nights. I have no idea why, she has the same amount of milk, the same bedtime routine – which is bathtime at 7pm with Noah and get ready for bed, final bit of milk and sleep… so by 8pm she is in her cot.

The only thing I can think of is her weight, with Noah he slept all through the night from 8 weeks but he was a lot bigger than Isla. At 12 weeks Noah weighed over 12lb and Isla isn’t even 11lb yet at 14 weeks. So maybe when she gets a little bigger, she will be able to last longer at night time between feeds, I guess only time will tell and I will take her to weigh in this week too, so I can monitor her weight gain and see if it relates to her sleeping patterns.

I was looking through photos of Noah tonight when he was 14 weeks old (to the right is Noah cuddling his little bunny, which he lost, boo) and I can really see how Isla and Noah look alike, its just like looking at twins looking back at these photos, I love it and he has some funny facial expressions, oh and some wacky hair going on too. Isla, where’s yours missie?

I still can’t believe how much smaller Isla is, she really is dinky, shoes do not fit her, she has only just started wearing her 0-3 month clothes, but she is really tall. Noah was quite short but obviously had a little more weight behind him at her age. Bless!

Isla got a new best friend this week, her little Lamaze Mermaid – she hasnt got a name as yet but I am sure she will get one soon enough. She has started to grab her, playing with her noisy fins and jingly star, she also gnaws on the teether. Its a great little doll and I got it through Babyhuddle. It’s really helping with Isla’s co-ordination and she is getting better and better at reaching out, grabbing and getting things in her mouth – the target.

She was a little bit hot today, it was really yucky this afternoon, but we moved the garden around and tidied it all up and had our back doors open – for the first time in months (the trampoline blocked it before) and she was playing on her activity mat in the breeze for a long time with Mermaid, it was really cute. I love watching her rolling around on her mat, she does complete 360’s, she will be crawling before I know it. She might be small, but boy she is strong and clever! (Just like her Mumma)

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