Tuesday 10 July 2018

I loved a post today that my Uncle posted on Instagram, it made me cry and is just so accurate. It made me think about what Grandad must have gone through in his lifetime. 



My Father would have loved all the celebrations today for the RAF centenary. Joining as a cadet at Cranwell he was posted to RAF Uxbridge in September 1939 & as he walked through the gates there it was announced we were at war with Germany. He was 16. He was shipped to India for a while & then flown to the Cocos Islands during the war. He quickly rose up the ranks from sergeant to corporal then became the youngest ever person at age 32 to be made a warrant officer. From RAF Wittering in 1954 he was posted to Egypt, Cypress & Malta (1956). He was also part of 100 squadron bomber command on a goodwill mission to New Zealand. He left the RAF IN July 1966 having served with them for 28 years. He was an intelligent man with a brilliant mind that was in high demand. One story in particular I remember involved him being sent for in the middle of the night in his pyjamas to solve a predicament that only ‘Bentley’ could decode. I don’t know where Great Britain & the RAF will be in another 100 years but I’m very proud of my Fathers contribution during the Second World War & beyond. #raf #centenary #rafcentenary #greatbritain #secondworldwar #history #bentley #teambentley #teamgb #warstories #warhistory #father #george #familyhistory #proud #ukhistory #worldhistory #flyby #redarrows #corporal #sargeant #warrantofficer #london #celebrations #raf100 #armedforces #royalairforce

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