If you’ve moved to a new country, one of the biggest challenges you’re no doubt facing is adapting to the new culture and your place within it. We all come from particular cultural backgrounds, and adjusting to completely new and unfamiliar ones can, therefore, be pretty tough. We’re going to talk today about some of the things you should not do if you’re looking to adapt to a new life in a new culture.

Expecting it to Happen All at Once

It takes time to adapt to a new culture and a new way of living, so don’t be too hard on yourself when you find that all of this takes time. If you expect yourself to adapt and get everything right immediately, you’re going to end up disappointed. But there’s nothing at all strange about needing time to adapt and get used to the new culture around you.

Worrying About Making Mistakes

None of us want to look stupid. That’s a general rule that applies to every area of life. But when you’re adjusting to a new country, culture and way of living, you’re going to make mistakes and look stupid every now and again. But people will be forgiving about that because it’s all part of the learning experience so don’t worry about it. Instead, you should try to embrace it.

Not Being Open-Minded and Curious

If you’re not open-minded and embracing new learning opportunities and new experiences that come your way as you adapt to a new culture, you’ll regret it later. The more open you are to trying things, the quicker you’ll adapt to the culture and start to feel more at home within it. So try not to say no before you’ve even given things a chance.

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Inadvertently Break the Rules

One of the things you certainly won’t want to do is break the rules. That goes for the laws that everyone lives by, and the unwritten rules that people see as important within that culture. If you want to stay in the country legally for example, you might need a visa or biometric indefinite leave to remain. And if you want to avoid faux pas, you’ll need to know what they are.

Fail to Make an Effort with the Language

Finally, you should try to make sure that you’re putting in some effort with the language. This is something that’s not always easy, but if you can’t speak the language, you can’t communicate. Of course, people will be accommodating but they’ll be appreciative if they can see that you’re at least trying to make an effort with this. It’s something people will notice.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into adapting to life in a new culture. It’s not something that’s going to happen easily or overnight. But if you put in the work and make the effort, there’s no reason why you can’t adapt to the new culture that surrounds you and ultimately enjoy it a lot.

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Last Update: Thursday, 22nd July 2021