It was once tradition for couples to tie the knot before they even thought about having kids. Back then, marriage happened before couples even lived together, and those first post-marriage years were spent in the honeymoon period of new love. Now, with an average 66% of married couples living together before they say ‘I do,’ and with around 40% of children born outside of wedlock, it’s fair to say that things are changing to make weddings a more family-oriented affair. I would love to do my Wedding Day again and involved the children.


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For couples who stuck to those traditional values, marriage after children can seem like an odd, or even unnecessary combination. In reality, though, there are many reasons to consider marriage post-children. It may be that you’re looking for a way to bring the entire family together. Or, perhaps marriage legalities are driving your decision, such as a desire to share a name with the rest of your family, or even a need to find ways of extending your spouse visa so that you can all remain together. Regardless of your reasons, or how romantic they may or may not seem, these all highlight just a few of the ways that a wedding can help your family find comfort and security in each other. The question is, how exactly do you include your kids in a ceremony that, for the most part, has always been tailored towards adults?

Get them doing your DIY

Getting your kids involved with small wedding DIY projects like favours, place settings, or decor during the pre-wedding lead up is a fantastic way to get them excited and get them involved. For reluctant children, the chance to bring their own take to a small wedding feature can negate any doubts about the day, while kids who are already excited will surely be bouncing off the walls when they know everyone will see their creations in full glory on the day. 

Ensure they’re involved in the ceremony

Children and wedding ceremonies have always received a bad rep, but making an active effort to get your kids involved ensures that they’re on board rather than misbehaving. Children make especially great bridesmaids and groomsmen, and you should let them walk down the aisle, or even stand with you and your partner during the vows. As well as looking adorable, they’re guaranteed to love this extra chance to play their part. 

Write them into your vows

Keeping weddings as a way for families to bond, it’s also worth merging children and vows. How you do this is up to you and could include just a mention of your children, a section where you make vows to them too, or even a chance for them to read their own. Either way, take this chance to make sure that they know you’re saying ‘I do’ to them as much as to your partner. 

Post-children weddings might not be quite the personal day of luxury that a traditional ceremony can offer, but when you make room for the kids in every aspect, you can guarantee this precious moment will feel even more special. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 22nd July 2021