I have spent the week, more or less, thinking “what if” and I have only just got around to being physically able to type long enough to make this post up without my shoulders, wrist, arm and back hurting. That will all be thanks to the man that decided it would be a good idea to drink and get in his car and drive. Let’s face it – it is NOT!


I had been in the car for no longer than 10 minutes, I came out of work, I drove onto the dual carriageway like normal and I sat in traffic, queuing for the roundabout like normal. Although at 5:10pm, where I thought I would be home in 15 minutes, things soon changed. Little did I know!


You know when you are queuing in traffic, the headlights in your mirror are just there, you never really pay too much attention to them as if you focus too much they just hurt your eyes. I just remember thinking, hang on, these lights are a little erratic, not like they should be when someone is stopping behind you and then I realised – they simply weren’t stopping. I grabbed that steering wheel, my foot was still on the brake and I closed my eyes and screamed. That was all I could do. There was no time to move, no time to see what my options were as I had about 2 seconds to react to the headlights that were coming towards me. Shunting me in the back of my car and into the vehicle in front. Luckily for me, he swerved right at the last minute and veered to the left of my car, for if he had hit me straight on at the speed he was doing I may be writing this post from hospital – or, well, not at all! Puts things into perspective doesn’t it, those what ifs.


It was the first time I have ever been in a collision to this extent, well its the first time I have had a collision with any other vehicle and that need to take down insurance details and what not. I didn’t know what to do. I panicked. I cried, instantly, I walked around the side of the car to his drivers side and raised my arms, as if to say “what on earth have you done?” and then I walked back around to my car and grabbed my phone. I called my husband straight away and he was on his way to the scene. That helped me feel more relaxed and comforted knowing I wouldn’t be here on my own. Now the next 90 minutes or so are a little bit of a blur, I was seen by paramedics, police and a huge hug from my husband when he arrived. I remember feeling in no pain at all, at the time, I was just crying and crying. The witness that stopped said they watched him drive and he was swerving all over the place, they had assumed he was on the phone. It was only until afterwards everyone realised what was wrong. I hadn’t realised may I add. I was in my own little world I think. We could smell alcohol.


Considering the damage to his car from the scene and comparing it to the damage of mine, I think I got off lightly. Considering I have not one scratch on me from this accident, I think I got off lightly. Considering my family were not in the car and my precious little babies, I think I got off lightly.

I have been in pain all week, not able to sit at work, not wanting to drive around, not being able to play with my children and help out with nursery collections and doing normal things like picking them out of the bath. I have a drink driver to thank for that. The copious amounts of work I will have to catch up on when I go back to the office, the blog event I missed out on this week and the build up of things to do, I have a drink driver to thank for that. I am still awaiting to know if they are repairing my car or writing it off, as many of you know, I love my car, my grandads inheritance got me that car and its a car I have wanted for many years. If I have to get rid of that, I have a drink driver to thank.

The paramedic told me “that car saved your life”. I knew there was a reason I got that car. Someone was most certainly looking after me that night, someone was looking after me when that car fell into my sights and I so very grateful that none of those “what if’s” were true.

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