Nothing is more exciting than when a friend announces her engagement – apart from of course if she also asks you to be chief bridesmaid. The role of chief bridesmaid has massively changed over time and nowadays there is a lot more fun to be had in the role. Being chief bridesmaid is a great way to spend time with your bestie and plan all the intricacies of her dream day. So, what does a chief bridesmaid actually need to do both on the lead up and on the big day itself?

Plan the Hen Party

Of course, you should be with the bride every step of the way from picking out the dress, trying the cake, arranging the florist and so on. But one of the biggest jobs of the chief bridesmaid is to plan the hen party. Up until recent years, this would have involved a lot of drinking and a big night out. However, there’s been a recent trend to instead do an activity with the bridal party. This can be something active, like paintballing, or something relaxing like a spa day. This depends entirely on the bride, so have a think about what the bride’s interests and hobbies are to plan something more out of the box!

Getting Ready on the Day

When it comes to the big day, there’s a lot for the chief bridesmaid to do. You should be the point of call for any wedding business so that the bride can be left stress free to enjoy her day. Included in this is helping the bride and the bridal party get ready. This could be buttoning up dresses, making sure hair and makeup is perfect and ensuring the photographer is there to capture every precious memory on camera.

The Ceremony

Aside from the fun, there are some serious responsibilities for a chief bridesmaid. Usually, the chief bridesmaid and the best man will be the witnesses to the signing of the register by the bride and groom. Once this has been done, the chief bridesmaid and best man will organise the guests and make sure everyone knows where they are going for the reception.

After the Reception

The reception is the time for the newlyweds to speak to friends and family and celebrate their new marriage status. Once the party is winding down and everyone is fed and had a few drinks, the bride and groom will leave the party. It is then the job of the bridal party, chief bridesmaid included, to make sure the venue is tidy and all of the gifts, wedding cards and other sentimental items are safely taken home for the bride and groom to collect at a later date.

Being a chief bridesmaid is a truly special moment for any pair of best friends. The quality time you’ll spend together will give both of you memories to share for a lifetime ahead of one of the biggest days of any woman’s life.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 30th April 2019