You know the ones I mean ladies: since child birth, especially when we are laughing or coughing? Yes the oops moment where you simply cannot hold it in any longer. Right from pregnancy stages with Noah I have suffered from this, a really glamourous subject I know – but it is big fact that us women do not often escape without them. I know its that taboo subject, but it’s just a part of life post-birth (especially after two).



I am a busy, working mummy of two very small children and two very active pooches – we are always doing things together as a family and I don’t want that to be ruined by the fact that I didn’t want to jump up and down or run around, or make myself and the family laugh so much I am literally peeing myself. So I always wear a liner. I think it’s a given that when you become pregnant, you start to realise that all your dignity goes out of the window and it doesn’t stop when you give birth. They give me confidence to be the Mummy that I want to be: fun! There are various options to choose from with Lights by TENA, I didn’t know until the other day when I was sent some to try out.After looking at their website, I also noticed there is an app to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles too, which will help to prevent the oops moments altogether in the future.

The thought of TENA had always been it is what the older generation would wear, I don’t know why I thought this but I did and on reading about the products and looking at the website, I could not have been more wrong.I love the range. The packaging is fresh and pink, pink, pink, which I love and I think the different shapes and sizes are a great way of making it appeal to everyone. Also, to every type of underwear garment too; ones for french knickers, ones for ordinary knickers and ones for thong backs too. Yes it is true. They’re all specially designed for Oooops moments. They all absorb faster than ordinary liners, keeping you feeling drier and fresher. They all have specially designed odour-control. But they do differ in size and profile.

The four types of Lights by TENA are:

Light Liners

These are the smallest liners, they are rounded and I feel these are great for normal knickers and you can even get them, comfortably in a thong. They are designed for mums like me, who wear liners regularly and they absorb twice as much as a normal liner – who would have thought the smallest one of the bunch would be capable.



This one is about the length of an eyebrow pencil, it is designed for ladies who like a longer liner and they fit perfectly in french knickers. They have two dots for absorption so they are a bit better at absorbing than the smaller liner above. If you are going on a long walk, possibilities of doing exercise or something like that I would have to wear this kind of liner. We do activities with the kiddies all the time, so I will always be needing these liners.


Liners Single Wrap

I love the fact that you can put these little liners in your handbag, or even a clutch/purse if you are going out with the girlies over the Christmas period for example. They are very small, thin and are descreet enough sitting next to your lipstick and bronzing balls.


Long Liners

These are designed for reassurance, a long liner that reassures you that you will have maximum absorption and still have the comfort of a fresh and thin liner. So you can really get active with the children and have fun.


I wear liners everyday, since having my coil fitted I especially have worn them, it has become part of my routine now in the mornings and I have a little basket full of the different liners, depending on what I am wearing that day. It is great that I can wear the light liners with a thong, that rounded design is perfect and means I don’t get my thongs in a twist – we’ve all tried it, you know? Trying to get a huge rectangular liner into our thongs, which ends up sticking to your bum cheeks and feeling ridiculously uncomfortable. Since having the coil fitted I have been really conscious about whether I would be facing a period or not, turns out I haven’t but after many years of having them it still doesn’t feel quite right and so I wear a liner just in case. It never happens, but I get that protection from the oopsie moments at the same time. It was only the weekend just gone that I had to run in the house after a trip sofa shopping as I couldn’t hold it in any longer and sure enough the Lights by TENA came to the rescue! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with TENA on this project, not only because the liners are extremely comfortable, fresh and very thin, but because they are helping mums like us who don’t want to feel “silly” for buying liners because of those oops moments.



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Last Update: Monday, 15th December 2014