This weekend has seen a major boost in confidence from both Isla and Noah, we have been walking at every opportunity and talking at every opportunity. I can’t quite believe that both of my babies are hitting some incredible milestones, at what appears to be, at once!



Noah is saying some amazing things at the moment, he will randomly say words that you think “When did you learn that?” and he copies what you say after sentences sometimes, which is quite funny. His understanding of language is coming on by the bucket full. This morning he said to Daddy “Isla get it” (about his toy) and when Isla got it, he said “Isla got it”. I didn’t expect him to come out with things like this for a long time to come, but he is picking it up every minute of everyday especially when we are all talking around him all the time. He really engages with Isla these days and he has started to say Goodnight Isla and Love you Isla when we go to bed – which is just so cute it makes me want to squeeze him.



She has been tottering around for months now, walking around the furniture and making little one step leaps of faith from people to people, but this weekend has seen a major boost in Isla’s walking. She is now WALKING! It’s so cute and amazing to see her just walk across the room to the toys, or walk to you for a cuddle and celebration – she loves the celebrations I give her for walking to me… I guess it encourages her to do it all the more. Where she used to crawl for toys, literally on Thursday, she will now walk to them and then sit down. She walks all the time and all day long, maybe this is why she is sleeping a little better 🙂

My 2 very clever little babies are growing up and I have a walking and talking pair that are so entertaining, I love them a lot. Well done Isla and well done Noah…


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Last Update: Sunday, 28th April 2013