This book, by Judy Bartkowiak, is just a perfect reflective book for 2020. During the first lockdown families had to contend with homeschooling, working full time and juggling day to day things on top. It was a very testing time for a lot of families. This book, Understanding children and teens, is a coaching tool to help you understand your children and encourage positive behaviour, despite all the stresses going on around us.

I love the part on page 37: Don’t think about a pink elephant! It is such a simple concept – if you say to someone don’t think about a pink elephant, what is the first thing they will do? Yes, they will think about a pink elephant. The concept is about flipping your fears or wants around. So, instead of me thinking I don’t want the kiddies to misbehave as I have to work and keep an eye on them tonight (which I do), I would normally say to them “Mummy has to work tonight and so I don’t want you mucking about?” – what are they going to do, muck about as I have put that thought into their head. So tonight I will try a different way of phrasing it: Mummy has to work so you will can have free time until 5pm. If your behaviour is good until 5pm I will treat you with a nice milkshake. <Its almost a SMART objective. They have a time, something to aim for and a treat for doing it!

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before!


Understanding Children and Teens shows the reader how to use Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Emotional Freedom Technique as well as mindfulness and Art Therapy in order to connect with children and teens to help them overcome their problems. With clear explanations, examples, and easy-to-follow exercises, this book will enable those who care for children to gain valuable insight into their world, and to understand what they are thinking and feeling. This practical guide is aimed at parents, teachers, coaches, and everyone who works with children and teens. It really is an interesting read.

You can buy this book from Waterstones, for £11.99. A great price and I really feel it has helped me to see things from the kids perspective, I can’t wait to try some of the mechanisms with the kids. It might work for other people in my life too!

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Last Update: Tuesday, 8th December 2020