Having a dog is like having an extra, four-legged member of the family. I wouldn’t have it any other way. They bring their own personality and love into your home and are your constant companions through life. We always want to keep our dog happy and healthy. They also, however, bring their own set of needs as well. Every good dog owner wants to meet those needs as well as do whatever they can to promote the physical and mental wellness of their pet.

Accomplishing this is easier said than done sometimes. Because dogs cannot use words to explain when something is not right, their owner must be completely in tune with the physical and emotional signals that a dog presents when something is off. Preventative measures are also a significant part of keeping a dog happy and healthy. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your pup lives his best life.

Decrease Anxiety

One condition that can affect a dog completely out of nowhere is anxiety. Just like with humans, you never quite know when someone will hit their mental limit and succumb to feelings of nervousness and anxiety. There might be an obvious trigger that sends your pup into a panic, or there might be an underlying cause that is more difficult to discern. 

You might consider keeping calming treats like hemp bbq kababs on hand for those times when anxiety in your dog comes on unexpectedly. You should also take measures to get a handle on anxiety when it does set in. Because anxiety in dogs can lead to things like aggressive or undesirable behaviors, you must do what you can to create an environment for your dog that is calm and free from common triggers of anxiety.

Generally speaking, if you keep your home relatively calm and free from loud, sudden noises, you can reduce the chances that your pup will suffer from anxiety. It is good to be aware of the fact that many dogs develop anxiety as they age. If you feel that your dog is frequently anxious or exhibiting nervous behavior, you should consult your vet to find out if there might be an underlying cause.

Use Preventative Medication

The toughest thing about keeping your dog healthy is the fact that they can’t tell you when they feel sick or unwell. Because of this, you want to reduce the chances of your dog becoming sick in the first place as much as possible. The best thing to do is to use preventative medication to protect your dog from the most common canine illnesses.

Ensure that your dog is up to date with all the necessary vaccinations. Your vet will be able to offer you the best guidance regarding such things as distemper and rabies vaccinations. Aside from that, you should stay current on regular heartworm medication as well as flea and tick prevention. These pests can not only cause bites that are painful to your dog, but they can also carry and spread fatal illnesses and diseases.

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Last Update: Thursday, 4th June 2020