We have loved being at home with the cat and dogs during lockdown. It’s nice as our Rambo (the Jack Russell) has developed a really close bond with Noah. He follows him everywhere and cleans him, like he’s looking after him. It’s so cute. We have been having fun with the dogs, using the training treats to get them to sit and give paw. The kids love it when the dogs do what they ask!

Forthglade have created a survey, its only quick, they want to know about your lockdown habits and if, as pet owners, we have any worries or concerns. It’s a really short survey that asks you questions about how lockdown has effected your dog. Are you at home more than before? Have you experienced any changes in your dog?

Are we doing any tricks at home?

As we are at home, 24/7 at the moment, we have had plenty of time to practice tricks with the dogs. We love the dog treats from Forthglade, their favourite flavour is the new National Trust soft bites with Salmon and Herring. I love the heart shapes and they are easy to snap in half, which means they do not eat so much at one go. I split them in half and do the tricks with the dogs. I am using the treats to help with Rambo and getting him to stay and Snoopy, despite his blindness, uses his nose to sniff the treats and sits. If I shout for paw, he does it! He is partially deaf too. It’s cute watching them react to the treats, they love them.

Forthglade treats

Get 20% off Forthglade

As you know, from my Insta, we have been trying out Forthglade for a couple of months and the dogs really like it. As an ambassador for Forthglade it means we get to try the different foods (with the dogs of course), let you know what they think and get you a 20% discount too! The food trays are 75% or 90% meat or fish (depending on which product you get) which is perfect. You know exactly what your dogs are eating. Each tray is mixed with vegetables too.

dogs during lockdown

Rambo has a favourite flavour at the moment, the beef tray. It’s part of the 90% food range and it is just meat and minerals. He eats this up really quickly. He also likes the lamb too. Snoopy loves the Turkey. We have just bought some of the other flavours so we can see what they think about the fish selection and the new Lamb spring recipe for example.


All you have to do is use the link below, it will take you to Forthglade and you can get 20% off your order which is amazing. Or, use the code RAMBO20 at the checkout and this will give you 20% off your shopping too.

Let me know if you use the code, I would be interested to know what you think. At just £1.27 (approximately) a tray they are a great price as 1 tray will feed 1 dog around 4/5 meals in our house. Obviously if you have a larger dog they will eat more from their tray.


Even the cat wanted to join in!

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Last Update: Saturday, 9th May 2020