NEWMegaLogoEvery toddler I know around me loves their Mega Bloks, including the little girls, my god daughter loves her pink Mega Bloks and Noah is no different.

He absolutely adores his Mega Bloks; he pulls them apart and breaks them up again, he also finds it hilarious when you build a tower of them and he can knock them down.

They have been great for helping him to hold objects, grip them to pull them apart and co-ordination to put them back again. We introduced him to Mega Bloks when he was about 9 months old as he was very good with holding things and he loved In the Night Garden, so we got him the box of In the Night Garden Mega Bloks.

Recently Mega Bloks sent Noah a couple of their new products to see what he thought about them, we have a Medium Trendy Bag of the new colours available from Mega Bloks and a Dylan Dump Truck, which Noah simply adores.

Medium Trendy Bag

The triple award winning classic Maxi bag range is now available in bright colours, with green, pink, yellow and purple blocks and the new LIME green Mega Bloks Medium Trendy Bag comes with 70 of these fabulous colours for children to let their imaginations run wild! The bricks are great for Noah’s motor skills, because they teach him to grip and hold on to the blocks and pull them apart and as I mentioned before they help with his co-ordination, eyeing up the blocks to put them back together again.

Dylan Dump Truck

The new “Lil Vehicles Range” has been created and is made up of 2 brilliant vehicles for those budding block constructors; Dylan Dump Truck and Sonny School Bus. Noah was very excited to see Dylan Dump Truck enter the Constant household. The truck comes with a little driver character and some blocks to get them started, it encourages role play and helps develop his understanding of vehicles. We have learnt “BRUM BRUM” because of the fabulous Dylan Dump Truck.

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The Medium Trendy Bag retails for about £14.99 and the Dylan Dump Truck retails for about £9.99 and both are available to buy now.

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018