Today I had my midwife check for 37 weeks, she was a nice midwife and the one I saw last time. So we went from having a stressful time last check up due to Noah being a menace to this time , where he spent the entire appointment crying because I’d woken him up taking him out of the car. I can’t win sometimes! Next time hoping hubby comes along to help; it’ll be his first visit to midwife with this baby at 39 weeks!!

Well midwife said that everything is cooking nicely, measurements were spot on, my blood pressure is fine (which shocked me) and heart beat of baby Constant is also fine. She did mention again that the colour indicates to be the same as last week! I wonder?!

She came to the part where she feels for baby and where it’s lying, and she smiled as she said “baby is 2/5ths engaged, it could come anyday now” and beamed at me. She said baby has its head nice and firmly down into my pelvis now, which will explain the heightened discomfort and cramps I’ve had over the past couple of days too.

She asked me if I’ve packed my hospital bag yet haha! I did pack a small emergency pitstop bag which I’ll post about separately.

I talked to her about Meptid again as she asked about my plans for birth and I simply said I didn’t have any really. I do want to be more aware of what’s going on and be more alive when baby is born: she mentioned an epidural which freaks me out way too much! Needle, in spine, large needle, erm no thank you (unless totally necessary and have no choice). She explained that meptid is used to relax the muscles which helps when giving birth and I shouldn’t have side effects like I did with the Pethadine! I think I’ll try it… If we get that far. By the sounds of things there may not be time for drugs haha!!

So that’s that in a nutshell, I see her again in 2 weeks time unless bubba has other arrangements, which based on Noah will be no chance.

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