Learning Resources sent Noah a great bath time toy to help learn about colours, shapes and help with his co-ordination and Maths skills with the brilliant game from Smart Splash: Colour Play Penguins.


Each little penguin has a coloured bow tie and coloured strip on his top hat, which are all different and there are 6 coloured rings that match up to the 6 colours used in the penguin design. We can match colours from the bow tie or the top hat to the rings, which will be brilliant to help Noah understand the different parts of the penguins.

The rings also have a small pattern on them which is different on each ring, stars, hearts, circles, triangles, squares and moons which will also help Noah learn shapes.

He loved playing with these toys in the bath, he liked knocking the penguins off of their rings and then putting them back on the rings again. We are starting off small with the learning curve and working with colours to begin with, so we started off with our first bath time and choosing the “RED” ring. I am looking forward to Noah learning lots of new things with the penguin set!

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018