When it comes to decorating your home when you have children, there are many factors which have to be thought about. Is your interior safe? Have you got easy to clean materials? Have you got plenty of storage for bundles of toys? These are only a few of the questions! There is no need to sacrifice style when it comes to your interior design when you have kids. Many will leave renovating or redecorating until their kids are older, but by thinking about the following tips, you’ll be able to have the best of both worlds. So, here are my tips for crafting a family friendly interior!

Think About Storage

Homes with children are inundated with toys! Once the kids have gone to bed, it is key to store all the items away, for a sense of order for even a short space of time. There are numerous clever ways you can create storage in your home.

Beds with storage built-in are an excellent option for the home, helping to maximise space and keeping order. In addition, cube shelving in children’s bedrooms is a brilliant and functional way to store toys.

When it comes to other areas in the home, such as the living room, think about placing baskets in the corner of the room or replacing your coffee table with one with storage. 

Pink girls’ bedroom with block storage

Find Easy to Clean Products

Spills are inevitable when it comes to children! Although you may want to display some of your favourite furnishings such as your much-loved rug, if it’s not easy to clean, it could be ruined. Opt for stain-resistant fabrics, these may cost more but will stand the test of time, which is critical for families!

Vinyl wipes clean so is perfect for seating areas in the kitchen; in addition, plenty of companies now offer a special coating which can be applied onto fabrics for protection, such as on sofas. 

Opt for Durable Materials

Following on from finding easy to clean products, it’s also crucial to select durable materials. Accidents happen, so by investing in durable materials, it will limit the number of breakages which take place. Place any breakable items; such as glass vases, china plant pots and photo frames out of arms reach.

There is no need to sacrifice style for durable materials, but rather think of them as investment pieces which will last for years to come. Opting for high-quality vintage industrial lighting in the home is a great way to add bundles of style and ensure your home is adequately lit! 

Play with Patterns

Not only adding visual interest and a personal touch, bringing patterns into your home is a clever way to hide any spills or stains! Whether you introduce geometrical patterns through soft furnishings like cushions or throws or plaster your walls with retro wallpaper, patterns are the perfect way to inject some life into your home! 

Grey sofa in a living room with patterned cushions

Ensure the Space Is Safe

Sharp and rough edges, cleaning materials and sockets, for example, can all be potential hazards! Think about where everything is situated in your interior, move furniture away from windows and add child locks into your space. 

Create a Gallery Wall

The best keepsakes are the art (or not too arty!) pieces your children make. Instead of a traditional gallery wall, why not frame their best work? Not only does it make it completely unique to you and your family, but it’s also a brilliant way to display mementoes!  

Gallery wall in home interior

Hopefully, these family-friendly interior design tips have given you some inspiration and help you ensure your home is suited for all members of the family. Do you have any other top tips for crafting a home perfect for everyone?

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Last Update: Wednesday, 25th March 2020

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