Are you the type of person that spends all year stockpiling amazing gifts for Christmas and birthdays? If you are not, do not worry! You are normal! Most people struggle to come up with good ideas for gifts. While sometimes the reason for a dearth of gift ideas is being caught short for time, another key reason is that lots of people do not follow a methodical process to help them work out what the intended recipient would most like. To help you out next time you a stuck for gift ideas, here is a list of the seven rules of good gift giving.

1 Avoid Giving Money

The cardinal sin of gift giving is, without a doubt, not actually buying a gift and offering cash instead. There is little that you could possibly think of that is more impersonal than shoving a fistful of dollars at your nearest and dearest. There are tonnes of better way to show them how much they mean to you.

2 Price Is Immaterial 

When it comes to picking a gift that will go down well, you should basically forget about what it says on the price tag. Some of the best gifts are the cheapest and spending a lot of money is no guarantee for success when it comes to making someone feel special.

3 Choose Something Meaningful

As the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” The amount of consideration always trumps the amount you spend. Homemade gifts are often the way to the heart. If you have not got the time to make something yourself, visit Pearsons Gifting for some brilliant personalised gift ideas.

4 Think Like the Recipient

A good strategy when you are stumped and out of ideas is to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. You will be surprised about the number of ideas that seem to jump out of nowhere when you try to empathise with somebody else’s situation.

5 Experiences over Objects

In many cases, buying someone an experience rather than an object is much more meaningful. If you can, buy an experience that you can share with your loved one. The memories made will turn out to be far more important to you than a physical object when you look back in years to come.

6 Include a Thoughtful Note

One thing that many people neglect to do is to accompany their gift with a well-thought-out note. Things you might choose to write on include why you bought the gift you have given, inferences to good times past and, of course, how much the person means to you. I always try to add a something special, it makes gift giving that little bit more special.

7 Keep It a Surprise!

And finally, the most important rule of all – do not let the cat out of the bag before the big day. Not spilling the beans and revealing what you have bought or made can be a challenge, especially when you are convinced that you have found a great gift and the anticipation to give it away is killing you. The reason we give gifts is to see the look of surprise or happiness on the recipient’s face after they have unwrapped it. If you tell a person what you are going to give them before time, the big moment is likely to be a big anti-climax.

Unless you are a talented gift-giver, deciding one what to get someone for their birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion can be quite stressful. Nevertheless, if you approach the task in a methodical way and take heed of the seven rules above, you will not go far wrong in making the object of your affection feel special on their big day.

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Last Update: Friday, 27th March 2020

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