Another week, another chance to honour my Grandad’s intelligent and wonderful life! Thursday Thoughts. Grandma said Grandad’s favourite day was a Thursday, the significant things always happened on a Thursday: births, celebrations and he even left us on a Thursday. Please feel free to share your Thursday Thoughts too…


I have been doing a lot of reflecting this week, thinking back to when me and Hubby first got together. It made me trace back through our messages that we sent to eachother, before we even met up (pretty much 6 years ago to the day) and it made me feel wonderful reading back over our relationship progression. Being told you are beautiful and lovely and that I made him smile constantly, the “not wanting to get on with the day” because we just wanted to talk to each other brought back a lot of feelings that I haven’t had for a long time. Life now is very different, in that we have to “pretend” to be grown up and we have the children and the pets, the house, the jobs and the responsibilities. It does change the relationships you have with people, but not for the bad. I made a joke to hubby way back when that we would get married and have babies… I think I stuck true to my word. It made me smile a lot reflecting.


Sometimes reflecting back through old messages or remembering old conversations can make you realise how lucky you are and that the path you have chosen was in fact the right one. I love my little family and I am so very glad that I chose the path that I did!

…Thursday Thoughts: week 2


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