To honour my Grandad’s intelligent and wonderful life, I am going to start Thursday Thoughts. Grandma said Grandad’s favourite day was a Thursday, the significant things always happened on a Thursday: births, celebrations and he even left us on a Thursday. Please feel free to share your Thursday Thoughts too… FL2A9689


I have been speaking to Grandma about how her and Grandad met; Grandad was stationed at RAF Lyneham and Grandma was there too, leading very separate lives. She said her and Grandad became good friends over time and love took over. 48 years later and we are where we are today and what a lovely life they have had together. 2 beautiful children, 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Things happen for a reason and when you look back on your life you will know why they happened.

Don’t get in the way of life’s path as it has a journey mapped out and many great adventures within.

Thursday thoughts: week 1

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Last Update: Thursday, 22nd August 2013