The Retail Brand’s Efforts to Liven Up its Apparel Reputation

The hype surrounding the Royal Family’s new baby prince is predicted to help the UK economy earn millions before September begins. Many retailers are already feeling the boom. “(The) George mania will be worth £243million by the end of August,” the Centre for Retail Research said, as quoted in a report on The Daily Mirror. One famous retail brand is set to experience such economic push. Aside from that, however, such company is confident that they will also be riding high with its new line of clothes especially with their latest series of baby’s apparel and related products.

Marks and Spencer, UK’s famous retail chain, is all out to really impress the public with its new season of apparel line. More than adhering to fashion trends, the retail giant emphasizes on functionality and practicality. All the age groups are covered but if you think the new and youngest members of your family are left out, think again.

“Rest assured ‘new arrivals’ are dressed in the sweetest, softest baby clothes, designed for ultimate comfort and with practicality in mind,” the Marks online store boasts. They have even chosen the top 5 baby apparel that many new mothers will love for their newborns.

Their Skinhead Sleepsuit boasts of specially developed fabric made from unique natural material. The fabric will help combat skin irritations caused by bacteria. Up next, the ever essential cotton shawls of Marks and Sparks is, as they describe, “soft and comforting. This snuggly shawl is made from pure cotton with a ribbed trim, perfect for bedtime or as a light extra layer during the day.”1682569422

Body suits are also an important part of a baby’s wardrobe. The retail company provides a line of Superfine and Flat Seamed variations. All are pure cotton and assures no irritations from rubbing fabrics. Their latest Flat Seam bodysuits are anchor themed, perfect for your soon-to-be sailors and ship captains.

If you want to know more clothing essentials for your bundle of joy, why not watch Marks and Spencer’s New Born Clothing Essentials video. Have fun making your newest additions to the family both fashionable and protected.