Or 36 Things To Do Before You’re Three

So, you’ve heard of the Bucket List, well this is the Potty list: a guide of 36 things to do with your tot before they turn 3.

It forms part of the Little One-ders’ Toddler Census, commissioned by, and has been designed to celebrate the extraordinary growth and development Little One-ders go through from 1 to 3 years.

The 36 must-do activities that make up ‘The Potty List’ are:

  1. Made a mud pie
  2. Baked a cake
  3. Finger painted
  4. Sung loudly in public
  5. Climbed a big hill
  6. Picked fruit
  7. Danced with no inhibitions
  8. Made sandcastles on the beach
  9. Been chased by a monster
  10. Jumped in a puddle so hard the water went in mummy’s shoe too
  11. Belly-flopped
  12. Fed the ducks
  13. Blown bubbles
  14. Had a teddy bear’s picnic
  15. Chosen a favourite book
  16. Ridden on the top of double-decker bus
  17. Visited a museum
  18. Been on a train ride
  19. Fed an animal
  20. Grown cress in the shape of your name
  21. Worn pants on your head
  22. Ridden the tea-cups at the fair
  23. Flown a paper aeroplane
  24. Poo’ed in the bath
  25. Stayed the night away from home
  26. Ridden on daddy’s shoulders
  27. Scribbled somewhere you shouldn’t
  28. Cleaned your own teeth
  29. Answered the phone
  30. Mastered a party piece
  31. Had a ‘first love’
  32. Bought something in a shop
  33. Set your sights on a future career (pirate, fairy or builder, perhaps?)
  34. Told a fib
  35. Made up an inappropriate nickname for someone
  36. Broken something valuable

However, in order to achieve the demands of The Potty List, toddlers require lots of energy. Which is where the Growing Up Milk comes in, it is made from cows’ milk but it is enriched with key nutrients that toddlers need like vitamins A, C and D, iron and calcium. Giving your Little One-der two 150ml beakers of Growing Up Milk each day is an easy way to help provide them with the extra nutrients they need, as part of a healthy balanced diet.

I am going to have so much fun with Noah, and I will be ticking this off as I go… and also making sure he has his Growing Up Milk along the way.

Please visit the website: for more information.

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  • nicci cowdell-murray
    Monday, February 27, 2012

    some fab ideas on this , will certainly make my own potty list after reading this one 🙂