The dogs absolutely love their Forthglade natural dog food and so I couldn’t wait to show them the new limited edition recipe, perfect timing for Autumn. Beef with Pumpkin & Broccoli is a great way of celebrating Autumn and the dogs love the flavours so much. Have your dogs ever eaten pumpkin before? Ours give it a Paws Up! Get your 20% discount at the bottom of this post.

Beef with Pumpkin & Broccoli

This new, limited edition, recipe is grain free and is made up of 75% beef! The other ingredients are pumpkin, broccoli and contains minerals and vitamins. Rambo, our Jack Russell, is a huge fan of the beef recipes from Forthglade. It is great as the trays last up to 2 days with Rambo, he has half a tray a day (over 2 meals) with some dried food mixed in.

Rambo DinnerTime

I love Forthglade. It is made in Devon, by pet nutrition experts and they have been making these meals for over 45 years. The meals are simple, nourishing and wholesome. The ingredients are 100% natural, free from junk fillers, and hypo-allergic. So they are great for doggies with sensitive tummies.

Beef with pumpkin & broccoli

20% off your first order

Because I am a Forthglade Ambassador, I can share a 20% discount with you. I do receive gifted Forthglade products, but I do also buy my own products on top of this. Because we love it so much!

I would love to know what you think about Forthglade. Do your dogs like the wet and dry food? Have you tried the treats? I love the National Trust links too. So every time you buy one of the National Trust range you are supporting the National Trust. We love walking around our local NT locations.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 22nd September 2020