Aquila Rithymna Beach, located in Rethymno City in Crete Greece, is a premium hotel in Crete that stands out as a legend in tourist accommodation. Built beside the golden sandy beach & overlooking the infinite aquamarine sea, this grand luxury hotel offers deluxe accommodation, impressive restaurants, bars & swimming pools and top-class amenities & facilities for its guests. I love Greece and this family hotel in Crete looks wonderful.

Offers many different types of rooms that can accommodate larger families with children or infants. The main restaurant welcomes guests in the mornings with a delicious buffet and other tempting breakfast options, including local Cretan dishes. At lunchtime and in the evening, a splendid buffet with exquisite dishes prepared by the hotel’s award-winning chefs.

Rithymna Beach

Children at Rithymna Beach are honoured guests… they have a whole space of their own which they can enjoy all day long.
The Kids Club is run by our specialized members of staff who have extensive experience working with children and who creatively take part in the painting, theatre, music, dance and sports activities available.

The Kids Club is equipped with everything needed to accommodate our young visitors, from the Tasty Corner where they can enjoy healthy treats whenever they wish, to a doctor’s surgery for every parent’s peace of mind.

family hotel in Crete

 Rithymna Beach stands alone in being the only hotel in Crete to offer such extensive & specialised facilities for its guests’ wellbeing & enjoyment.

Parents can relax and take advantage of many services, while their children enjoy unforgettable moments of joy and creative play with dance, music, theatre, sports, and much more…

Rithymna Beach is not just a hotel … it is a little corner of the world offering endless pleasure and a truly unique holiday experience. Spread over an area of ​​20,000 meters and right in front of a golden sandy beach, this gem of a hotel resembles a small village and has all the comforts & amenities you could wish for.

The hotel unit co-exists happily with nature. For countless years, Caretta-Caretta turtles have travelled hundreds of miles with the sole purpose of reaching their final destination here on our beautiful golden sandy beach to reproduce. Each year the Caretta-Caretta turtles lay their eggs in our area and it is our honour & obligation to take care of them and keep them safe until they return once more to their homes at sea.
This important environmental area is well taken care of and so the turtles keep on coming back, year after year, in order to continue their breeding. The Summer visitors are among the lucky few to have the amazing opportunity of seeing this miracle of nature take place right before their eyes and also to participate in the protection of the eggs, after careful training by our specialised staff.


There are many free events every day with live music, ballet, stand-up comedy, cinema, etc. In addition, themed evenings with gourmet dishes, local delicacies or delights from other countries are also regularly organized. In the evenings you can relax & enjoy a refreshing cocktail, looking out over the infinite sea and listening to the sound of the waves, either in the hotel lobby or in the bar.

For the last 45 years, Rithymna Beach has stood majestically in the most beautiful part of Crete, in an area classified as Natura protected.  Aquila Hotels & Resorts, has implemented rigorous eco-policies to allow luxury accommodation to co-exist harmoniously with respect for the environment. What do you think about this family hotel in Crete? Check out my fun tips on entertaining the kids in the airport!

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Last Update: Friday, 25th June 2021