Everyone has their own way of doing things, and making a cup of coffee can be something that is done in half a minute or can take fifteen minutes, depending on your method. More and more people have a coffee maker in their kitchen. Whereas it used to be normal to offer visitors an instant coffee, today that’s not what most people would expect to receive.



Most likely in a modern home these days is one of those espresso machines that takes capsules – there’s no mess and no effort – and the machines have really come down in price recently. You just choose a blend and press a button. You get a great espresso in seconds. One of the most popular makes is Nespresso™, but that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to that brand of coffee. Other brands like Caffe Cagliari now sell Nespresso™-compatible capsules.

Some coffee fans would find the capsule machines too easy an option though, and might prefer a larger cup of coffee that you get when you percolate. Coffee percolators or moka pots are attractive bits of kit. They come in three pieces, a boiler, a funnel-shaped filter and on top a collecting chamber where the coffee ends up, ready to pour. The water boils, then passes through the coffee grounds in the filter and bubbles up into the collecting chamber. There’s something quaint and comforting about stove-top coffee, but it does take longer and the taste of the coffee is a little different to an espresso.

If you’re making coffee for a large number of people, an electric drip coffee pot is a good option, as you can make around 12 cups at once. Similarly a cafetiere or French press will produce a large amount of coffee at once, though a cafetiere requires coarser grounds than a drip coffee pot.

However you choose to make your coffee, the most important thing to consider is the quality of the coffee you buy. A good quality coffee will taste great whichever method you choose to brew it with.


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Last Update: Wednesday, 23rd April 2014