Human development is a fascinating subject that is still being studied so that we can fully understand how we as a species develop. The most important part of development for a person is during the formative years when we are younger and are growing at the fastest rate humans ever experience. When your baby is transitioning to a toddler there are a number of things you are going to want to be aware of regarding their development.

Early toddler development is especially important to understand as this is where a lot of basic functions are learned. If you know what to expect you can help nurture your child to give them the best chance at developing healthily. Things such as cognitive function, mobility, and social behaviour are all starting to frantically come together during this stage. The more you know about what to expect of your child the better you can prepare.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why it is important to understand your toddler and their development.

This Is A Crucial Time

The first thing you need to know about toddlers and their development is that this stage is key to developing some of their most important characteristics. Cognitive behaviour really starts to shine, which is the foundation of a life of learning. Your child will start becoming more mobile with crawling, walking and running. This is the perfect time to be sure that they learn to do these things properly as any inconsistencies that may signal developmental issues.

Another important factor during this time is your little one developing socially. They may start meeting children their own age and will be trying to figure it all out. Lead by example and you will help them develop strong social skills to form strong relationships with others.

You Can Stop Bad Habits Before They Start

Some parents may not be aware of this but bad habits can start at a very young age. This is all part of the development cycle and something you need to be aware of. For example, if you notice your toddler is showing aggression towards other toddlers by biting or hitting, you can use this chance to correct that behaviour. Maybe your child is starting to develop bad eating habits like only eating certain unhealthy foods, or not eating at all. By monitoring things closely, you can nip these habits in the bud early on so they don’t develop into something more serious over time.

Track your toddler – No App Needed!

Everyone seems to be into tracking data and information for just about everything these days, including their children. The great thing about toddler development is that it has not changed at all over the years. You have never needed fancy technology or an app to track their progress, just compare to the averages for their age and see where they stand. It should be noted that every child will develop at a different rate, so average comparisons aren’t the be all and end all to see how your child is progressing. Just use these averages as a guideline to see if any part of their development is severely lacking.

Stay Informed And Be Patient

When it comes to raising children, every single experience is going to be different as there are no two identical parents or children. It is always best to be prepared for anything in life and raising kids is no exception. It is so important to give them as many advantages as you can in life, and making sure they develop properly at each stage is vital. We know that it can be a trying experience and you won’t always have all the answers, but keep yourself informed and follow their progress. In time you will see your child develop into a responsible adult and you’ll be left wondering how all that time passed by so quickly!

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Last Update: Wednesday, 19th June 2019