Courtesy of, Isla was privileged to review a fantastic Koo-di Pop-Up Bassinette.

Koo-di make really clever items to help us mums & dads out, their products are funky, colourful & incredibly useful. Isla was sent a very stylish, practical & innovative product: the Pop-Up Bassinette.

As a family, we are always visiting friends & family, taking short breaks away & zooming of on mini holidays. So having this Pop-Up Bassinette for our 1 month old daughter came in very handy. We recently stayed in the New Forest on a short weekend break, in a B&B with just one room for all four of us (and the dogs) so having this bassinette was essential. It was compact, so didn’t take up any room in the car and didn’t take up much room when it is popped-up either, which was good as our room was not huge. It is really easy to put together and fold away, fitting into a carrier bag only 28cms wide!

In the bag you get the base of the cot, the shade and mosquito net attachment, the mattress and the plastic pegs that create the “backbone” of the cot, so that it isn’t flimsy. After a quick read of the instructions, I was soon creating the cot with no effort what so ever. You literally flick open the base and the shade, they attach together by the shade part slotting over the top of the base and hooking together by the 4 corners. Then you take the plastic pegs and you slot them into specially designed pockets on the base and the top of the shade, to create the height of the base and the width of the shade at the top. If you look at my photo to the left, the pockets are stitched to the right width for the peg and a velcro lid has been created to keep the pegs in position and also to prevent you from loosing them. From this point its a case of getting the mattress in the base of the cot and making the bed ready for a little prince or in our case, princess to sleep soundly! It took me roughly 10 minutes to assemble the cot from start to finish, on my first attempt with reading the instructions. I would imagine the next time we use it, it will take me about 3 minutes. It really is that simple.

Isla slept very well and I think it is a fabulous idea and a great product to take away with you, whether it be abroad or in the UK. It was amazingly helpful on our New Forest trip and we will be going to Ibiza in a couple of months, so it will be very handy then. Not too heavy for the luggage allowance and not too bulky that it won’t fit in the suitcases – very clever, very Koo-Di! I am extremely impressed with the design, style and ease of putting this product together and taking it apart again. I was convinced that it wouldn’t go back in the bag, but it did and it went in the bag without a fuss!

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Last Update: Wednesday, 6th June 2012