Bathing suits, sandals, a beach towel… Everyone knows the beach essentials you need to have a fantastic summer beach day. But what about some underrated cool gadgets to help make your next beach day extra special like inflatable sofas and blast-from-the-past instant cameras? Take a look atour list of the best underrated beach gear you need to make your next beach day a roaring success! Getting the right beach purchases is essential.

  1. Inflatable Sofa

If you’re planning on doing some serious lounging when you get to the beach, bring along an inflatable sofa. Made from durable, tear-resistant fabrics, inflatable sofas fill up with air to provide some extra comfy seating while at the beach. When they’re not in use, most inflatable sofas can just be folded up and put away in their traveling case.

Remember, if you need an affordable retailer to purchase all your new gear from, choose a budget retailer like AliExpress. Not only do they offer an amazing variety of inflatable sofas, they also offer budget-conscious shoppers an amazing selection. Through the AliExpress discount code found here, you can enjoy major savings on your next purchase!

  1. Bluetooth speakers

For music lovers planning to spend a long day on the beach, a portable bluetooth speaker is a must have. But without any place to plug your speakers in, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a model with a long battery life. Thankfully, many of the best brands now offer portable, waterproof models perfect for taking with you on your next vacation.

Bose makes a great beach-ready model called the SoundLink Micro, this is one of my must have beach purchases. This portable speaker may be small but it packs a punch. With up to 6 hours of play time, you’ll have the tunes covered for your entire beach day. The best part is that the SoundLink Micro is protected by a sturdy exterior that is waterproof and resistant to cracks and dents. Coming in at only $99, the SoundLink is a great option for bringing some music to your beach life.

  1. Portable Safe

While spending the day at the beach can be a blast, nobody wants to get their valuables stolen while they’re going for a swim. Instead of scrambling to find a place to hide your phone, why not invest in a portable safe? A portable safe is a device that gives travellers a place to store their valuables while at the beach. Hide your wallet, smartphone, jewelry and other valuables inside the vault and lock it. Most models are tamper-proof and slash-resistant offering maximum safety while you’re having fun.

  1. Instant camera

Wow your friends on your next beach day by bringing out a instant camera! Beach selfies have become a staple but there’s a lot of old school charm in bringing out an actual camera and instantly printing pictures of all your friends. The pictures make awesome momentos for you and your friends to keep too! So what’s the best beach side model?

We’re voting for the Fujifilm Instax mini. FujiFilm has earned a reputation for creating some of the best instant cameras and with good reason. Not only do they make cool, brightly colored cameras, but a mini starts at only $59 making it an incredibly affordable option. Just make sure to keep them far away from the water – they’re not waterproof!

  1. Waterproof cards

Bringing cards to the beach is everyone’s go-to favourite, but up your card game a little this year by investing in a pack of waterproof cards. Waterproof cards are usually created by laminating each card in plastic, rendering them completely water-proof and spill-proof. There’s no guarantee waterproof cards will help you play any better though!

Do you have any fun travel tips for families? I would love to know in the comments below what your favourite beach purchases are.

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Last Update: Thursday, 29th July 2021