Mississippi is a historic southern state that has many attractions and beautiful destinations for any visitor to discover. It is a place where there are other rivers and lakes inside and the eponymous river that flows through it. The state of Mississippi is made up of entire plains, with the highest point being Mount Woodol, in the small hills of the Cumberland Mountains, just 246 meters above sea level. The lowest point is the sea level on the shore of the Gulf. The average altitude in the state is 91 meters above sea level.

Tourists can enjoy various intra-state routes, such as the Natchez Trace Parkway and the Mississippi Coast, two places with rich marine life that one can enjoy. But let’s take a closer look at the most important sights of this state, exploring together the elements that make it so unique.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

Most of the coast of the Gulf Islands is submerged in the sea, but the islands offer beautiful beaches and wild vegetation in the forests of their areas. The mainland Davis Bayou area has easy access for all guests, with hiking trails, picnic areas, and relaxation areas, as well as additional services such as canoeing and snorkeling. Throughout the coast, you can find various visitor centers that can keep you busy, with the volunteers and counselors there informing you about the historicity and importance of the area.


The fantastic view of this area deservedly earned the designation Beauvoir, a French name. Built in 1852, the building remains in perfect condition and is now used as a memorial to fallen soldiers and Jefferson Davis. Inside the museum, one can discover various personal belongings of the veteran and multiple objects that have been rescued from the Civil War. Visiting the place, you can walk in the massive area of ​​the estate, in the various holiday homes that are scattered in the area, and in the memorial cemetery.

Elvis Presley Birthplace & Museum

The “king” of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, was born in the Mississippi Tupelo. Elvis’s father built the space, and today is kept open to all visitors who wish to observe the childhood space of this influential artist, in which all the objects and furniture of his childhood are preserved. The space has been turned into a real museum that focuses more on his childhood, where you can also buy various Elvis souvenirs to take home with you.

Natchez Trace Parkway

The Natchez Trace Parkway was a busy past route used by Native Americans and ran all the way from Natchez to Nashville. Throughout this total of 444 miles, one can locate dozens of attractions, monuments, and buildings that will monopolize your interest. In this route, you will come in contact with old historical embankments, famous battlefields, and important archeological sites with excellent exhibits of American history. An incredible route that will give every visitor magical images, which are combined with the beautiful scenery of the area and its deep history.

You can enjoy this whole route by crossing it with your car, stopping at all the necessary steps of the route. A vehicle is the only solution for your travels in that area, so in case you do not have one in your possession, you should turn to the economical solution of a rental vehicle from the company Enjoy Travel. Choose the car that suits you and safely cross the Natchez Trace Parkway enjoying all those beautiful landscapes, filling your luggage with rich and essential experiences.

Have you ever been to Mississippi? I would love to know your travel tips if you have.

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Last Update: Thursday, 29th July 2021