Working from home has many benefits such as saving you money on travel and having the flexibility to work from different locations, however, there are a few things to consider which will either make or break the success of your home office endeavor. Here are the 5 must-haves for succeeding at working from home.

  1. Stationery

You don’t exactly need all the contents of your office stationery cupboard, however, it’s a good idea to have a few essentials such as a set of pens and a notebook nearby for any calls that catch you off guard. On another note, having a desk tidy will keep all your stationery organized and prevent you from losing anything when you need it most.

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  1. An Office Chair

If you’re going to be sitting down for the majority of the day then you will need a comfortable and supportive chair that will reduce back and neck pain and help improve your productivity. Although the couch may look tempting, try and opt for a more supportive seating arrangement where you don’t need to strain your neck to look up or down at your computer screen. In fact, some office chairs are designed to be slightly uncomfortable on purpose, to promote active sitting, where you are encouraged to move around more often. 

  1. Excellent Internet

It’s difficult to think what life must have been like before the internet because these days it’s a necessity, especially when you are relying on it to do your job. The worst thing that can happen during your online meeting is being thrown out, thanks to your poor internet connection, and missing out on important points. Find an nbn provider that offers a high internet speed and has a good signal in your area to save yourself the embarrassment of letting your colleagues down again due to a poor connection. 

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  1. A Silent Space

If you’re sharing your home with dogs, kids, husbands, and more then you’ll need to find yourself a quiet spot where you can hide away from the noise as much as possible. For maximum efficiency, it’s best not to have too many distractions so ideally, your space will be away from the T.V,  other people, and anything else that draws your attention away from work. You don’t necessarily need an office but as long as you have an area that you can call your office for the day then you’ll be able to keep distractions at bay and focus on the tasks at hand.

  1. A Work Phone

When you’re working from home it can be hard to separate business from leisure and while it might be tempting to take personal calls during working hours, it’s not very professional and your productivity could start to take a nosedive. Having a work phone can help to separate your two different identities and not only save your family and friends from calling during working hours, but also prevent business associates from contacting you during your leisure time.

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Make life a little easier by preparing these 5 must-haves before you can be close to succeeding at working from home and enjoy focusing on the benefits that this style of work has to offer.

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