The 14 day cleaning challenge Day 6 #14daystoatidyhome

Domu, VonHaus, have challenged me to a 14 day cleaning challenge covering a wide range of activities across the home. Resulting in a nice tidy house at the end of it. I love a challenge and this one is perfect for right now as our house is all upside down and needs a good clean. Here is day 6…

Day 6

Clean the windows – inside and out!

Frustratingly Day 6 is a rainy day. I still attempted to clean the windows though. I have a fun window vacuum to use from VonHaus, so I had to give it a whirl. It’s brilliant. You can clean your windows, wipe them clean and vacuum the windows.

It’s great for car windscreens, shower screens, any glass and mirrors too. With a 40 minute battery life you can get quite a lot of the glass and mirrors cleaned in the house in one go. I actually enjoyed it. It’s one of those jobs where you can see, instantly, the difference you have made. A satisfying cleaning job. You can clearly see below where I have done the window and to the left where I haven’t.

Do you have a window vacuum? How do you clean your mirrors and glass? Do you have any tips?

I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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