Team sleep sheep helped us sleep!

I know I am not on my own when it comes to bedtime: I love big thick duvets that make me feel snuggled and cosy. My husband, on the other hand, prefers wafer thin cotton sheets and to be honest would be most comfortable without a cover at all. We are complete opposites when it comes to being comfortable at bedtime and so we enlisted the help of Theo Thermal and the Dumelm team sleep sheep.


Did you know?

“Being too hot or too cold keeps 33% of us awake at night”. Me and my husband definitely come into this category. If it isn’t one of the children keeping us up, or the animals, it’s us. I get too hot and make hubby hot, which keeps him from having a good quality sleep. I submit to having thin duvets on the bed but then I am cool throughout the night which keeps me up! It has always been a problem, so I was rather pleased with Theo Thermal’s product advice. Three products that have transformed my happy place:

Temperature regulating duvet

This duvet is a 10.5 tog temperature regulating duvet, normally this would be a no no for this time of year but hubby agreed to give it a go. I was so nervous that he would spend all night tossing and turning, but he didnt. I was snug as a bug and he slept good too. It was amazing. It is made from specially developed highly absorbent Dacron fibre which basically means it can draw moisture away from your body, which leaves you feeling cooler – if you are hot. The duvet is incredibly soft, not like any other duvet I have owned before I just wanted to snuggle in it when I unpacked it, without a duvet cover. It is light and airy and when I lie on my bed it feels like I am lying on a fluffy cloud – silly I know. The duvet is £29.99.

Temperature regulating mattress topper


This temperature regulating mattress topper is great: not only is it really easy to fit to the mattress with its elastic hooks (which are quite roomy too), it makes the bed so so comfortable. You just want to sink into the bed it is amazing. It is made out of that specially developed Dacron fibre – which as I mentioned above helps to take the moisture away from your body and the padding it provides really does make the bed feel like a cloud. It fits in the washing machine which is brilliant, you can wash it and keep it clean, if your family is anything like mine having children in the bed with you in the middle of the night is the norm and any accidents from them are easily washed away! Phew. This mattress topper is £29.99.

Temperature regulating pair of pillows


These temperature regulating pillows are light, airy and they are made out of the same material as the duvet so they absorb moisture away from the body, or head in this case and keep you cooler throughout the night. The cotton casing is machine washable so you can keep your pillows looking and smelling as great as they feel. They are a great price too at £12.99 for the pair of pillows.


All finished off with some beautiful throws from the Dunelm range. I love my bed and I love it even more now! For more information about Dunelm and the team sleep sheep please visit their website: You can follow them across the social media channels too: Dunelm Facebook page, on Twitter using @dunelmUK, Dunelm Pinterest boards and on Instagram using the same handle @dunelmUK.


Isla now sleeps with her little Theo Thermal sheep by her side at nighttime to keep her safe. Dunelm do kids thermal regulating products too.

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