We love the paddling pool at this time of year, Isla just loves water and would play in it all day if I let her. Especially on the warmer days that we have seen recently. I have been thinking of ways to make Summer in the paddling pool fun. I love encouraging the kids to be outside and active in the garden. We think these tips are fun for all the family too.

Use fun bubble bath

We just love Kids Stuff Crazy products in the Constant household and so I thought we could use the sparkling bubble bath in the paddling pool – to create the ultimate fun for the kiddies. The magical sparkling bubble bath will get the kiddies squeaky clean and provide a lot of fun – it turns the water into a sparkly bubble pit which looks super fun.

bubble bath

Change the colour of the water

Using another fab Kids Stuff Crazy product; the purple crazy foam, we changed the colour of the water whilst giving Isla lots of fun playing with the foam in the paddling pool. It was so much fun watching her play around with the foam and then see the colour of the water change to a fun purple. We have a Pink and Blue foam too, so we have different colours for different times we use the paddling pool.

crazy foam

Add their favourite toys

The kids are currently obsessed with the latest toy trend; poppets. They are waterproof and so a perfect addition to the paddling pool. We played games with toys that float or sink. Or we take our dolls into the pool and play games with them too. Adding things for them to play with increases their enjoyment and it can also incorporate a little learning too!


Tubs and cups

We have a lot of non-breakable tubs and cups from picnic baskets, so we add these into the mix too. Isla would sit for hours pouring water from one vessel into another. It has always amazed me how fascinating she finds it, so we add these things to the pool and this makes it a lot more fun. Trust me!

Add some balls

Throwing balls around in the pool is also another fab way of entertaining the kids. We have a super bouncy ball and the kids like to throw it in the pool to make a big splash. It is the act of making the big splash that they just love; it gets them soaked from head to toe and I love hearing them excitement when they play this game. I just have to keep out of their way! Or maybe use water balloons if your kids are a little older and feisty!

Sun Cream is still essential

Make sure you apply your sun cream, but do it at least 30 minutes before you go in the paddling pool. Otherwise you get that murky effect in the water. I apply a lot of suncream to Isla’s shoulders and face, then reapply to her legs and arms after she gets out of the pool. We use Bioderma’s Photoderm Kid Spray SPF 50+, it’s perfect for the kids and doesn’t itch Noah (which is a real bonus). It has Cellular Bioprotection® , which protects the skin’s cells and DNA and guarantees high UVA/UVB protection against the harmful effects of the sun. You can buy this for £18.50 from Bioderma.

bioderma suncream

Do you have any exciting ideas for adding a little paddling pool fun into your Summer? Anything waterproof and that isn’t sharp should be OK in the paddling pool. Raid the kids toy boxes and bring out some toys that you don’t mind getting wet. Hours of fun in the garden, during the Summer, which is a great way to have a little time away from technology. Kids Stuff Crazy is also great for making bath time a little more fun.

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Last Update: Thursday, 29th July 2021