Money is getting harder to acquire these days. As jobs become scarcer, we should be able to find ways on how to save up money even if it requires us to engage in unusual ways. You don’t have to sell off a part of your body just to make a living. What you can do is to simple ways that can add up to a greater whole. If you want to start saving today, here are some tips that you can follow.



One way to save up enough cash and keep up with the vintage trend that’s all over the internet is to reuse old items instead of just throwing them away. Repurposing is one of the best ways to help conserve the environment, as you can just upcycle an old product and turn it into something that’s completely new. Instead of buying a new home décor, why not use your old CDs and turn them into magnificent pieces of art that you can show off in your living area.

You can also let your creativity go wild by repurposing old doors into sturdy tables that you can use as a work desk or as a dining table. There are a number of vintage DIY tips and tricks online and people are always pinning up their how-to guides on Pinterest, giving you more a varied set of creative projects.


If you frequently notice that your account is sucking up all the cash that you’ve saved up, perhaps it’s time that you stop purchasing completely. Buy Nothing Day is a worldwide initiative that aims to fight capitalism and consumerism. The premise of the event is simple: you don’t buy anything. You can also take this experiment further by doing your very own Buy Nothing Week or even month.

In the span of days, challenge yourself to not purchase anything that is being mass produced. You’d be surprised to know how much you can save by simply avoiding that can of soup that you’re craving for. Instead of buying the canned soup, plant a garden and use the ingredients from it to make your very own soup. You’re also helping the environment by turning green.


If you’re prepared to stop consuming, then perhaps it’s about time that you sell your excess things to earn a few bucks that you can use to purchase things that matter. Look around your room and make a mental list of things that you don’t actually need. These could be in the form of books that you’ve read, DVDs that you’ve seen, or vinyl records that you don’t even play anymore. You may choose to sell it online or hawk your wares among your friends. Your friends will probably have the same interests as you, giving you an instant market that would eat up all your merchandise.

You can also watch the market and sell gold jewelry for cash whenever the demand for gold is strong. This will give you a chance to profit from the jewelry that you don’t need anyway. Reselling your items is a good way to earn extra money that you can use for other things.


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Last Update: Saturday, 31st January 2015