Skiing in style – the key pieces for your next ski trip

As the summer holidays end and Autumn approaches, holidaymakers are turning to snowier climates for their next break. Ski trips are a great option for families, couples or groups of friends that love to keep active while also having a relaxing getaway, and allow you to soak in some beautiful scenery from around the world. Whether you’re a frequent skier or this is your first time, make sure you take a look at this guide to some of the essential items you need to pack for your trip.


It goes without saying that being surrounded by snow makes for some chilly climates, so make sure you’re fully prepared by packing the appropriate clothing! Jumpers, leggings and t-shirts made from thermal materials are an essential for any ski trip, and will make up the majority of your outfits.


To stay extra warm and protected from the elements, you’ll need some strong outerwear for your break. Layer up with a high quality waterproof ski jacket and some waterproof trousers to make sure you stay nice and dry. For times when you’re away from the slopes, warm clothing such as women’s parka coats are perfect for staying cosy when you pop out for some dinner and evening drinks.


Goggles and sunglasses are vital while skiing, as they protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight reflecting off the snowy slopes. Make sure to keep quality in mind when shopping for eyewear, looking for pairs with sufficient UV protection and anti-fog coating.


Your choice of footwear for your ski trip has a big impact on your comfort levels and performance. Shop for ski boots made from durable, waterproof materials and make sure to try them on before hand to ensure they’re a comfortable fit. For evening exploring, a pair of stylish fur lined boots with a good grip on the sole will make a great style statement paired with jeans, some cosy knitwear and the perfect parka.

Sun cream

It may be baltic, but that doesn’t mean sun damage is completely off the cards. UV rays can be even stronger than usual when reflected off the snow’s surface, so ensure you pack some high quality sun cream designed for colder conditions. Your lips can also get burnt and chapped easily, so it’s a good idea to bring along some chapstick with SPF included to stay protected.






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Skiing in style – the key pieces for your next ski trip

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