Summer holidays offer the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge, but if you’re not careful, you can end up spending a small fortune on these trips. Luckily though, help is at hand. If you’re looking for ways to make your next summer sojourn more affordable, keep reading. Here are some simple but effective money saving tips. Yes I am planning my summer holidays already! 

Be flexible when searching for offers

If you’re to find the most competitive offers, it pays off to be flexible when you’re planning your vacation. By considering different destinations and a range of departure and return dates, you stand a much better chance of bagging yourself a bargain. For example, timing your trips so that they fall just outside of peak season and avoiding any school holidays can save you a considerable amount of money. Also, flying overnight or mid-week rather than at the weekend can help to bring your spending down. So that you don’t miss out on the most competitive offers, sign up to email alerts by travel companies, hotel chains and airlines.

Shop around for your insurance

Suitable travel insurance is a must for most trips, but there are ways to save money on this financial cover. Firstly, make sure you select the most suitable policy for you. You can find out more about the different types of insurance on offer, including single and multi-trip policies, by visiting the websites of specialist brokers like Regardless of the type of cover you need, shop around to find the most competitive deal and make sure your policy doesn’t include any unnecessary extras.


Consider package deals

Many people are put off package deals when they are seeking budget holidays because the headline price of these trips can seem expensive. However, in some cases booking flights, accommodation and transfers together as part of a package can work out cheaper than making your own arrangements independently. It’s always worth checking these offers alongside independent travel itineraries to see which works out the least expensive.

Avoid flight add-ons

You also stand to save yourself a tidy sum by avoiding flight add-ons like additional charges for seat selection, priority boarding and hold baggage. Even seemingly small things, like credit card booking fees and text message confirmations, can raise the headline price of journeys. This is something to bear in mind when you’re making your booking.

Plan your activities carefully

Another money saving tip is to research your destination carefully before you set off to find inexpensive but fun activities. From relaxing on the beach to exploring city streets or checking out parks and free museums, there might be a whole host of pastimes to enjoy that cost you next to nothing when you’re away from home. In contrast, if you automatically flock to tourist hotspots, you could find you quickly blow your holiday budget.

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Last Update: Thursday, 12th November 2015