Recently Cosmos launched a fun app on their Facebook page: Should I snow or should I go? It is a really fun app that determines if you would rather hit the beaches in somewhere hot during the UK’s winter or if you would rather stay in the UK and enjoy the seasons. And to top it all off, if you take part in the quiz you are automatically entered into a prize draw to win a holiday.


Before I took the quiz I sat down and thought about what I prefer to do in the wintery months, just to see if it really matches my answers and to be perfectly honest I quite like being in the UK during winter. I love wrapping up warm and putting snuggly jumpers on to keep out the cold – a roasting fire with great big slippers on a nice hot chocolate. That is what wintery snuggles is like in my head. But it does get to about this time of year and I really want to put my bikini on and sunbathe on the beach somewhere HOT.


My favourite holiday memory is of when we went to Ibiza in 2012, Isla was only a couple of months old and she was so dinky. Noah was 19 months and really enjoyed the sunshine, swimming pool and beaches. It was a lovely break away, especially after the traumas of having a baby and hustle that a new baby brings to the household. When we were in Ibiza we took a lot of drives around the island and found some lovely places to sit and enjoy the evening sunset and a drink with Noah. Daddy took us to a wonderful beach one night which was full of drummers, they were singing/chanting and playing some really holistic sounding music – it was lovely whilst the sun was setting. It was peaceful, it was magical and there was this beautiful scenery in front of us, definitely one of my favourite holiday memories.


I just took the quiz and I scored 57% SNOW, so I am a stay in the UK during winter months person. “A sun-soaked holiday with the family is great, but personally I say ‘bring on the snowballs'”. Why not give the quiz a go and see if you can win the holiday to suit your personality too?

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Last Update: Tuesday, 11th February 2014