We were super lucky to be sent these Rory’s Story Cubes. Such great fun for inspiring children to be creative and use their imaginations to make up the most fabulous stories they can think of. I love the fact you can take these anywhere too, such a small diddy box but hours of fun. You can create such fun stories with just a roll of the 9 cubes. 

With just four lines of instructions, no time or story length limits and no right or wrong answers, anyone can become a great storyteller in this non-competitive game. Rory’s Story Cubes invites any number of players to engage in creative storytelling with no limits.

The game is for 6 years + and both children really love it. It kind of inspires quiet, thinking time, too which is nice in a time of devices and technology. You can play this on your own, or in a group. The possibilities are quite endless; travelling, camping, school and even the restaurant when you are waiting for your meals. You can buy your own cubes for only £9.99.

Here is how we use Rory’s Story Cubes: 

Bedtime stories

Sometimes you want quick inspiration for bedtime stories. I often tell the children a story from my imagination, instead of reading a book and these cubes are just perfect for this. I throw the die and read them a bedtime story based on what images pop up on the cubes. The children love it too, as they know I am making it up on the spot and they get super interested. 

Story challenges 

I give the children a piece of paper and a pencil and give them a time, usually 15 minutes, to write a story based on the images on the cubes. I ask them to write a story with the word on the cube in a sentence, so the story has to have at least 9 sentences. They love it. As do I. We played it as a family a few weeks back and Daddy’s story was the funniest, namely because he wrote about blow offs! 

Just a bit of fun

When I want the children to entertain themselves they use the cubes, taking it in turns to tell each other the silliest story that they can. It’s great as it encourages them to listen to each other, not butt in and to not argue. Which at the moment feels like I am doing constantly, so these are a great distraction. 

You have a go! 

Take a look at the 9 images on the dice below and write a story in the comments below, or on social media: @mummyconstant. I would love to hear what crazy stories you come up with. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 1st November 2018