There is nothing more satisfying than being able to install your dream bathroom and use it every day to get ready for work or play. But putting together that bathroom can be overwhelming – so much to think of, so many choices, so many colours, materials, combinations: however can you begin?

There are some ways to reduce the stress and maximise the joy that a new bathroom can give:

Go Beige!

Opt for neutral colours as your base colour scheme. Do not worry, this does not mean that you must have a dull or drab bathroom. Rather, having a bland base for your décor opens up a whole world of colour and texture to you without the risk that your bathroom will ever be too garish or overdone – something that can make a small room seem cramped and claustrophobic. Also be sure to get the tiles right. Small tiles can look great, but need a lot of cleaning and maintenance, while big tiles can open up a room, making it appear bigger. The best way to make a sensible choice is to visit a showroom. The right bathroom décor showroom gives plenty of amazing ideas that can be viewed here and you are sure to enjoy seeing all the possible variations and layouts that you can choose from – sometimes seeing the pieces in the flesh, so to speak, can help you visualise your ideal bathroom more easily.

Plan the Cabinet Spaces

Storage solutions in bathrooms are often after-thoughts, fitted in wherever space is left after all the fixtures and fittings. This can result in either a lack of sufficient space for all the toiletries, or a cramped and uncomfortably close room in which you must try to ready yourself for the day ahead, or for a relaxing night. Instead, make sure that you think about storage, right at the planning stage of your ideal bathroom. In this way, not only do you make sure that you have the right amount of storage, properly integrated into the bathroom, but you can ensure that your colour scheme works through every element in the room.

These are just a few ways that can get you started on the way to having your ideal room to soak your day away. The process does not have to be completed quickly, at great expense. Instead, you can start with small steps and work towards your ideal bathroom over time, as you have time and as your budget allows.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 18th July 2018