Working while traveling with the family may seem like a great and exciting thing to do, but it is not without its challenges. Between the many tourist attractions and the kids to take care of, work can quickly take the backseat and become forgotten. It won’t take long before your productivity level plummets.

I’ve done my share of travelling with my family while taking care of work-related stuff along the way too. From the experience – and from talking to those who work while travelling successfully – I’ve discovered some productivity tips you will find handy.

Take Advantage of Gaps

Pay close attention to the gaps in your schedules. The 90-minute layover, any delay you might have on the trip, and other similar gaps are great opportunities to get some work done. It is difficult to focus and be productive during these short gaps at first, but you’ll get used to it very quickly.

You can also take advantage of gaps between holiday activities. My kids usually take a nap before waking up in the afternoon for some more fun. That gives me an extra two to three hours to work on my laptop.

Know Your Tools

Having the right tools for the job really helps you stay productive while traveling. A laptop with good battery life, for instance, allows you to start working at any point in the trip without having to look for a power outlet. Having your own portable Wi-Fi access point – also known as Mi-Fi – is also a huge plus.

Being familiar with the apps or software you use is also a huge plus. For instance, I often have to connect with the right people as part of my work for a local government. The Email Finder is my go-to web service for finding the right email addresses to contact, simply because I’m already familiar with the resources it provides.

Allocate Time

It is also a good idea to allocate a certain amount of time for work. When you’re travelling with the entire family, it is easy to have your partner take care of the kids while you spend a couple of hours getting a lot of work done. I know it is difficult to work when there are other – more fun – things to do with the kids, but allocating time should help you complete the work that you need to do faster.

Deano usually takes Noah and Isla for ice cream or a light bite while I reply to emails and make sure everything is okay with work. The nature of my work helps too, but this is something you can also enjoy now that remote working is more common than ever.

Allocating time also lets you set your itineraries around your work schedules and vice versa. Don’t forget to notify the office or your clients regarding changes in schedules while you’re on your trip; you will find everything to be more manageable this way.

With these tips in mind, staying productive when working while traveling is going to be less challenging. You can have a lot of fun with the entire family while still getting things done for your employer or clients. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 3rd January 2018