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We were recently sent this fantastic wheelie case While the World Slept from Pink Lining, they now do children’s products, PL Child, which are so cute and practical for the little people. Mummy has her special Pink Lining bag and now the children have their own too.


It is amazing how much you can fit in to the wheelie case, on first glance I thought it would be more useful for the “bits and bobs” bag for when we went on holiday; something to put the toys in that are to keep the children occupied. Now, it is a good bag for the bits and bobs but it is also just as practical to use as a little persons suitcase. If you are going away for a weekend and the little ones are travelling too, it is great for the children. Noah was able to fit his wardrobe in it for a weekend stay and he had super fun wheeling it around too.

Because the wheelie bags are small enough, well just the right size, for the little people, Noah really enjoys wheeling the bag around. It is really good for him to use as it is literally the perfect size for him and when it was full of clothes he was still able to wheel it with no problems what so ever. I wouldn’t say Noah is an overly large 3 year old, in fact he is quite small for his age, so I think a good example of what ages can be a good start for wheeling these little cuties about town!


Isla, who is a very dinky 2 year old loves to copy her brother and you often see her in the playroom, filling up the wheelie bag and carting it around the house. She doesn’t so much struggle with the size or the weight of the bag, but she gets frustrated trying to work out how she can pull it without catching her feet. She will get there before too long, but she favours to push it like her dolls pram, rather than pull it behind her. I must admit, when you get back to basics, it is a weird position to hold yourself. It is nice to see her cogs ticking though as she works out what she is doing.


 The great benefit of having this wheelie case, for me, was that Noah can cart his own luggage around and he actually “enjoys” doing so. It is not asking a toddler, a 3 year old going on stroppy teenager toddler, to do a chore – it is just something he wants to do. Maybe copying Daddy with carrying the luggage, or giving him a sense of responsibility and control over something, he just really enjoys it. We are going on our summer holiday to Turkey soon and knowing that Noah can carry his own luggage around will be a great bonus for making our way through airports and keeping him entertained. The good thing is that the wheelie case is the right size for hand luggage too, so now we are getting charged a seat on the plane for Noah and Isla, at least they get their own hand luggage allowance which means more things to keep them entertained whilst we are flying. Excellent!


 The design of the wheelie case is adorable; I love the pattern on the main of the case which is suitable for both boys and girls I think. The little character on the front, the squeaky mouse is adorable too and again, a unisex theme means that both Noah and Isla can share their wheelie case without feeling like it should be the others. You get a large pocket on the front of the wheelie case, which is perfect for iPads or LeapPads, which the little people just love and this will be very useful whilst travelling to our holiday destination. The inside is the classis Pink Lining “pink” theme and looks truly bright, there are no pockets or cubby holes inside this case though, like you would expect if you are used to their range of fabulous changing bags. But you do not want a lot of pockets and side compartments when you are travelling, you just want a nice area for your clothes or items to fit in and make the most out of that space. The case feels really hard wearing and the children have given it a thorough demo, they drag it around all kinds of terrain, open and close the zip constantly and are always putting different things inside the case and wheeling it somewhere new. It hasn’t failed, the wheels are reliable and are not squeaky and the zip is still as good as it was brand new. If you are planning a holiday with a little one, this is the travelling companion for you.

You can see all of the amazing Pink Lining products on their website: You can follow them on Twitter: @PinkLiningUK and like them on Facebook: Stay tuned for a fantastic competition to win one of these wheelie cases, coming very soon.


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PL Child – Wheelie case

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