This summer holiday has been so spontaneous, mostly due to the wet weather we have had. It’s meant that any grand plans have changed last minute, including holidays. When we have had some dry weather, it’s been great to get out with some handy activities in my back pocket. Thanks to our Paws Outdoors kit from BEAR and The Wildlife Trusts. BEAR are all about getting the little ones out and about with nature. So they teamed up with The Wildlife Trust to make sure our cubs have lots of fun things to do. 

We were sent some fabulous cards from BEAR. They had lots of different ideas for activities to do outside with the children. They ranged from yoga, grass blowing to Apple Bobbing. The children had great fun as an ordinary walk turned into something quite special and fun. We also had a tasty treat when we got back from our walk, BEAR Paws, which are made from 100% pure fruit and veg as 1 of your 5 a day. Yummy!

Grass blowing 

This was fun, they had to pick the biggest blade of grass they could. Then Noah read out the instructions: place it in-between your thumbs and place your knuckles together. Then blow in the gap that your thumbs make.  It was hilarious. The children didn’t quite get the whistle that we were looking for, but neither did Mummy. They sat there for a good 5 minutes trying. I think Noah enjoyed reading the card out with the instructions on it too. They had their concentration faces on throughout. We couldn’t do it as good as Daddy.


This yoga activity was interesting! Firstly we needed to find a patch of grass to spread out on. That was easy as we were out on a walk in the forest. We had a few poses to master: ‘touch your nose with your toes’, ‘toffee twist’, the ‘armpit sniff’ (which the children thought was funny) and the ‘rubber band bend’. I really didn’t think they would get the first one. They literally sat down and grabbed their feet, pulling it to their noses, see the photo above. Brilliant! Not what the Yoga pose was on the card, but I couldn’t fault them as they did what I had said! It was nice seeing them working together to understand the description of the Yoga pose. Lots of stretching and concentrating. The other 3 poses are below:



This was great fun. The instructions said to ask a grown up to use a skewer to push the string through the apples, then tie the apples to a tree. I found a spot that meant it was low enough for the children to reach the apples. Then they simply had to put their hands behind their backs and try to take a bite. Noah had a great idea: placing the apple between his shoulders. Then Isla tried to follow suit but she couldn’t quite do it. In the end, Noah tried to help her, which I thought was so sweet. They both enjoyed a tasty apple by the end of the exercise.

Not only were the children eating healthily and getting back to nature, they were playing with nature too. To grab your very own BEAR Paws, that contain BEARs Outdoor Alphabet Cards, get down to your local supermarket. You can find out more on the BEAR website: #StayWild

We would love to see your Yoga poses, apple activities or grass blowing adventures. Get on social media and follow me @mummyconstant or write in the comments below.


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Last Update: Tuesday, 5th September 2017