I love a bucket list, most of the time I do not write them down. I am one of those people that until the very last moment, everything is an opportunity. Recently I have been thinking about family festivals. We have only experienced this once with the children. It wasn’t a music festival or anything, it was Blogstock. It gave us a little taster of what a bigger festival would be like.

Here are my 5 UK festival experiences that I’ve put on my bucket list:

1. Enjoy a food festival

I would love to try a good food festival. The kids would love it as we are all big foodies. Trying out new things and having fun along the way, sounds like a great experience to have as a family. There are a lot of food themed events on throughout the year too.

2. Try an adventure event

Elderflower fields sounds fantastic. A weekend of adventure, discovery and inspiration. It is aimed at families with children and includes sporting activities and over 40 bands. With free hot showers on site, it sounds like a great place to have some family fun.

3. Boogie at a music festival

Music festivals sound a little scary to me. Even without the kiddies. There are a few family friendly music festivals out there that would be safe and enjoyable too. I would love to take the kids to a music festival, for a day of activities and dancing.

4. Camp for a whole weekend

We always camp as a family. Every year we get out in the tent, at least once. Camping at a festival sounds fun. Not all of them are expensive either, which is a bonus. The Just So experience sounds like it would cater for just that. An intimate camping trip that means we can spend time together, camp together and have a lot of fun.

5. Make it to Big Feastival

This feastival looks amazing. We are big Jamie Oliver fans, so getting to this would be top of our list. Its full of food and great music. The Big Feastival looks like it would be an incredible family weekend.

Take the Travelodge quiz and find out your festival personality

What’s your family’s festival personality? A family festival is a great way of entertaining the children. The Travelodge quiz is a lot of fun and indicates what your family might like best. The Constants are a “family of foodies“.

Mealtimes bring you and your family together, and you all love nothing more that chowing down on delicious home cooking. Preparing dishes together is another way to have fun as a family, so food plays a big role in the household. This summer, keep everyone’s appetite satisfied at Jimmy’s Festival, where there will be a camp-wide barbecue, chef talks and a sausage eating competition; or at Big Feastival, where there’ll be cookery workshops, a fresh produce market, indulgent banquets and an array of delectable street food.

I love the fact it indicates what options there are for our type of family. What we would enjoy best. Some great recommendations and a quick way of finding out what events are on for families.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 5th September 2017