bumprider was bumptastic; the best dual tool – it really is the best toddler-board

Bumprider sent us one of the coolest buggy boards around, the stylish stand on board is literally ready to go as soon as it gets in the door. We were so surprised at how easy to fit it was and how well Noah took to using it. It was a dream, especially as Isla was so diddy, I wanted to wrap her up warm in the buggy and Noah to burn off some energy – concentrating on standing up and holding on, did just that. It made journeying out with his little sister a great adventure.

We were sent the bumprider in grey and it came with a a spare set of connectors so we could connect the bumprider to both the Quinny and our Mothercare pushchair. It really is quite universal.

The connectors wrap around the back of the buggy, in between the wheels axis as all buggys are different – you will see where it needs to go, as I can’t imagine your buggy will have too many pipes. You hook the connectors around the buggy and it hooks in to the safety slot, then you close the safety clasp and catch. The safety clasp provides grip as it has teeth which grip against the teeth on the hook and the catch keeps it locked tight – for extra safety. You can view a video of how to install the bumprider on their website: http://bumprider.com/?page_id=10. Once the connectors are hooked on to your buggy, you can simply hook the bumprider board into the loops with a simple click action. It really takes no time at all and you can hook it all up to your buggy and be ready for your leisurely stroll in no time at all, when you have babies and toddlers waiting, you don’t have much time, so its perfect.

The bumprider has many unique features: It has a click and lock system for fastening the board to the connectors. The arms adjust easily and they have a suspension type feel to them, so when you go up hill or down hill, the arms move with the flow of the buggy – which is great as it means that little feet stay on the board and Noah didn’t bump around or look like he was loosing his balance at any point of using the bumprider. He loves it – he thinks its great fun. You can adjust the arms of the board to suit different buggy’s and children, Noah is only dinky and there was plenty of room on the Quinny, so I just keep the bumprider on the default position. The top surface of the bumprider is really good, it has a non-slip and grip type surface, which also prevents those little feet from slipping and you can choose lots of different designs, to suit your child and your buggy. Take a look at the other designs on the website: http://www.bumprider.com/colours.html.

As you can see from our video, even when Noah was 18 months old he was quite capable of holding on to the Quinny buggy and he didn’t fall off. The board is stable and doesn’t bob up and down and it is really sturdy. I could even stand on it, it was that sturdy!

What we would do without our bumprider, well I don’t know, having a toddler and a baby, it has been so valuable. I love the fact it is really easy to assemble, attach and detach and most of all – it is safe for little Noah to cruise along with Mummy, Daddy & Isla. It made no difference what so ever to the weight of the Quinny when pushing it and made no difference to steering and manoeuvring around. You simply do not notice it attached to the buggy, if it wasn’t for little man’s fluffy hair – I wouldn’t even notice he was there! The only thing I had trouble with Noah and the bumprider, was that when I stopped to take photos of him, he thought it was time to get off and run to the park!!

To view other bumprider designs and find out more information, go the website: http://bumprider.com/.

You can like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bumprider/173491689359073?sk=wall.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019