Halloween was great fun this year and Isla’s first, Noah dressed up as Dracula that Daddy got him last year and Isla was a skeleton that Nanny & Grandad bought her. I think she liked her outfit, I know she probably didn’t even notice anything was different, bless her, but I thought she looked very cute and the suit was really cosy. It was a cold Halloween’s day and in Cornwall it was chucking it down, so I am glad she had a nice warm outfit to snuggle in. It was funny though as soon as I took the outfit off – she had black fluff all in between her toes! It made me chuckle. How can you be scared of a little beaut like this?

I am not 100% sure Noah quite understood that he was dressed up, although he didnt try to take the outfit off and just got on with it! Due to the bad weather we didnt make it out to Newquay to go trick or treating, like we planned. It was raining really heavily all afternoon and early evening, so we just dressed the kids up and did some sparklers in the porch. Noah was fascinated by the sparklers, so we knew he would enjoy the fireworks this year.

We took the kiddies to a firework show in St Neots, where we live and we have never gone out for fireworks before and this will be the last time we do go! Unless of course we get a dog sitter. Our little Jack Russell, Rambo, was petrified all weekend and he spent every night, all ngiht shaking in the corners of the rooms. I had to take his doggy bed into the bathroom with me on Sunday night, he wouldn’t be in a different room to us. We returned to a very stressed dog and bit of a mess in the house! 🙁 I felt terrible. But Noah enjoyed his first fireworks display and Isla just slept through it… How can you sleep through loud bangs? Well, she did!

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Last Update: Tuesday, 6th November 2012