BabaSling is the best thing I have ever used for getting my little baby girl about when we go on our family walks and take the dogs out. We went away to the New Forest when Isla was a wee baby and it was so useful. Noah was able to run loose with Daddy and the doggies and little Isla was safely tucked up in the BabaSling with mummy.

They come in some really cool and funky designs, and bright colours too, I didn’t know which one to choose as they were all pretty fantastic. I finally chose the Limited Edition Rococo, as you can see from the images its a black background with the white floral pattern. It really is very stylish and looks cute with my little baby girl snuggled inside it. You can see the colours on the BabaSling website.

You can carry your little one from a baby to a toddler (up to 15kg) as you can put it in 5 different carrying positions. You can even breastfeed “discreetly” in 2 of the positions.

Now that Isla is 6 months old, we are going to try the Side Saddle next, so this will mean that she can sit up and see the world as we are walking the doggies.

You can download some instructions from the BabaSling website in a PDF format here: Instruction Booklet theBabaSling.

The hammock style baby sling is really comfortable, the pads on the shoulder make it better for when you are going long distances with your little one snuggling inside – we managed a 4 hour walk across fields and landscape in the New Forest and it didn’t hurt a bit.

I always found myself just staring at her, looking down at her little face, she looks really peaceful sleeping in her BabaSling. She was obviously very comfortable in her sling, you can see it and she always seemed calm. I think it might have been something to do with being nice and close to mummy.

You can see the BabaSling products on their website: . You can like them on Facebook: and follow them on Twitter:

If you get 5 minutes then check out my guest post on the BabaSling blog.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019