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You may remember in February 2017 we had a flood in the playroom and it took nearly a year to get it back again. Since Spring we have been making it a useable playroom again and we just love it. Video tour is below too.

Playroom hacks

We were sent a wonderful woodland themed toy box from Reroom. It is a beautiful toy box, with a cushioned lid which comes in really handy as a seat for the Conservatory. We use this toy box to store the children’s dressing up clothes. They have so many and it is much neater in a box than spread around the room. Also the cat loves snoozing on the soft top of the toy box, it’s his favourite napping place.

Bringing the walls to life is also a great idea for a playroom, the children love their rabbit head, which is also from Reroom and these beautiful fairy lights from Cable & Cotton are perfect for adding a little colour to the walls. The children pretend they are in a fairy forest and we often set up camps under the rabbit head.

We used some fun pom pom cushions to make a little reading corner next to the toy box, or sometimes the children sit on top of the toy box to read or play on their devices. Dekoria do a wide variety of patterns for the cushions, they are beautiful.

You can see a quick tour of our playroom in the video below, it features the awesome products above so you can see how we have done the playroom hacks:

What do you have in your playroom, I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. You can buy any of these items on the websites listed above. Do you think the rabbit head is scary or cute? We have mixed views from visitors, it is funny when they jump back a little bit!

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