Well, it’s November and I am not certain how that came about so quickly. The ever anticipated photo prompts for the month have arrived…. yippee. What will you bring to the November photo challenge 2019? I am very excited to see all of the photos this month.

November is full of happiness to me. Its the month in which I first became a Mum so I get very reminiscent this time of year. I love the weather. Everything looks beautiful and I love to wrap up warm and cosy – what’s not to like? What do you like about November?

November Photo Challenge 2019

Thank you for making it through 18 months of this photo challenge now, I love it! It is quite addictive. Does any one else find that? I hope more people get involved. I love the subjective element to the photo challenge too. Everyone’s perspective of the theme of the day is different. It has made me smile seeing all of the images so far. I am very excited about doing a round up of my favourites. Thank you so much for the support in my photography adventure

Get the right tags

In order to join you will need to use the hashtag #mummyphotoaday and if you want you can tag @mummyconstant. That way I can include the photos in the round ups. Also, other people that are joining in will be able to find your photos too.

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