Caring for a senior loved one is not an easy task. It can take a toll on family members and the caregiver. The task gets more challenging if the senior is diagnosed with a medical condition like dementia. When this happens, most families consider the idea of moving the senior to an assisted living community. But, how do you tell if it is a good time to look for assisted living options?

Moving a loved one to an assisted living community is not an easy decision. However, there are telltale signs that should prompt you to think of choosing assisted living or nursing home. Here are some of these signs.

Medical Conditions

In most cases, seniors have a higher chance of developing chronic conditions. According to AARP, over 70 million individuals aged 50 years and above report at least a single chronic condition. Some of these conditions are debilitating issues. They may include heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. If a senior develop such conditions, they require more attention and care.

In addition to chronic conditions, medical emergency potential increases as seniors age. So, if your senior loved one has fallen severely and struggled to rise, it might be a good time to consider assisted living for them.

Financial Issues

Many seniors have difficulties keeping up with financial responsibilities. Insurance and bills can keep piling up. That’s because your parents may not be motivated to pay bills or they just can’t. If a senior has a medical condition like dementia, their ability to handle complex financial issues can be affected negatively. This can cause more difficulties when it comes to dealing with multiple bills and taxes.

Seniors are also susceptible to monetary scams. These can be from telemarketers or even family members. Unfortunately, the financial scam can leave a senior in a difficult financial situation that can worsen the quality of their life. So, if you’ve noticed that your senior loved one is having financial issues, this could be a sign that you need to start choosing assisted living or nursing home.

Messy Living Conditions

Odorous and untidy living conditions can be a sign that you need to consider assisted living options for your senior. Untidy living space is an indication that a senior is no longer capable of living alone. This can be explained by the physical inability of the senior to clean up their space. For instance, a senior may be too old to vacuum or clean the house or even wash dishes.

It’s also crucial to check the food that your senior loved one eats. Open up their fridge to see if there is spoiled food. Could they be eating expired food? Are they consuming the same type of food? These can all be signs that your senior loved one is no longer capable of living alone.


Isolation of seniors is a serious issue. Over 11 million seniors in the U.S live alone. Isolation affects the overall health of seniors. Isolation of seniors decreases their participation in hobbies and interactions with friends and family. In some cases, isolated seniors don’t leave their homes at all. This can lead to the escalation of health issues like depression.

Some seniors develop bad habits like excessive drinking, smoking, and prescription drug abuse. Such habits can lead to addiction. Research has also shown that isolation is related to the high mortality rate among seniors.

Poor Hygiene

A major sign that a senior requires assisted living is the inability to take care of him or herself. Poor hygiene can include things like bad odor and messy grooming. These are signs that your senior is not bathing or doing laundry the way they should. It can also mean that the senior is no longer capable of taking care of themselves.


Your senior can become frail with age. That means they may look thinner or skinnier than usual. This can be due to poor diet or not eating enough food. A medical condition can also cause frailty in seniors. If this happens, it might be a sign that you should consider assisted living for your senior.


If a senior is diagnosed with dementia, they may start wandering at a later stage. This is a greater risk for seniors that live alone because they can fall and sustain serious injuries.

If you’ve noticed these signs, consider choosing assisted living or nursing home for your senior. Many nursing or assisted living homes will take care of your loved one and provide a comfortable space for them to live with other seniors.

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