Sundays have always been a day of feasting on a lovely roast, one of Noah’s favourite meals when weaning was a mashed up roast dinner, lovely! Shloer love Sundays and as part of their love for Sundays they have conducted some research on women’s habits that I found really interesting. Why not have a read of the research below and then enter my competition to win yourself some yummy Shloer to enjoy with your roast one Sunday lunchtime?

Nationwide research reveals Brits Sunday habits

 · We’ve come full circle as Sundays are now more family orientated compared to ten years ago (52%)

· Roasts rule – the Sunday lunch staple is still viewed as an important Sunday tradition (75%)

· 75% of Brits check Facebook up to three times a day on Sunday – making it the most popular day for social media

Traditionally a day of rest, Sundays have changed significantly thanks to the wealth of choices Brits now have at their fingertips. In a survey and as part of the launch of their ‘Love your Shloer Sunday’ campaign – the makers of the sparkling juice drink, Shloer, asked 2,000 Brits how they spend their Sundays and how they have changed for them over the years.

According to the survey, Sundays still hold a special place in our hearts but there are many different ways to enjoy them. The web and Sunday trading have played their part in changing the face of Sundays as well as the growth in the female workforce across the last decade.

In today’s non-stop society, 43 per cent still view Sundays as special and try to keep it that way, while 57 per cent of respondents find it harder to distinguish Sunday from other days of the week when chores, working and surfing the net can make one day look pretty much like the next for many.

Food is the ultimate way to the nation’s hearts, particularly on a Sunday, with the Sunday roast still being enjoyed by three out of four of those surveyed at least once a month, as they share it with family and friends on a regular basis. More than half of respondents (52%) spend more time with their family on a Sunday than they did 10 years ago; confirming that people like to keep Sundays for sharing with friends and loved ones.

Another addition to the Sunday routine is checking Facebook, Twitter and email accounts. Three quarters of Brits admitted that they check their online accounts up to three times on Sundays to keep in touch with family and friends who are not close by. Just a quarter of those surveyed switch off from social media and online activity keeping the traditional day of rest.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 12th June 2012